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What is TAXI Bulgaria?

If you're planning a trip to Bulgaria, the mobile application TAXI Bulgaria will help you to catch or call a taxi with the lowest fare and highest rating. No more worries about hidden meters, extremely high rates and incorrect drivers! The only thing you need is to download the app TAXI Bulgaria for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

TAXI Bulgaria offers you a quick access to a list with taxi companies in the most known cities, ski and sea resorts in Bulgaria.

The advantages of using the app:

  • Regular update of the list of taxi companies, rates, cities and resorts.
  • Check rates, compare rating, call a taxi direct from the application.
  • Offline mode: the app requires no Internet connection. It's perfect for travelers in roaming.
  • TAXI Bulgaria is totally free*.

*You're charged only for the call against the tariff of your mobile operator.

How it works?

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Download TAXI Bulgaria
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