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STENIK is a web-agency with 14 years of experience and an outstanding team of certified Magento developers

STENIK is a leading professional in the design and development of successful online stores, corporate web-pages and gateways, mobile applications for Android and iPhone.

Since 2004, we have collaborated with over 650 customers – large and small Bulgarian companies and international brands such as KFC, METRO, HDI and SKODA.
We believe in Quality over Quantity.

Nevertheless, we are aware that quality is impossible without the long path of experience that STENIK threaded in the web industry over the past decade.


2004: Stefan and Nikolay set up STENIK

Second-year Sofia Technical University students Stefan Chobanov and Nikolay Dimitrov joined their designer and developer skills under the brand name of STENIK.

Their first successfully implemented webpage project - was nominated and awarded a certificate in the XVIth edition of the Computer Space International Competition.

2005: First large customer and first online store

This year will stay in our memories forever. STENIK was commissioned for the first time to develop the company web-pages of Kalini Travel Agency, Unisnab EOOD (Plovdiv) and Serena OOD (Kystendil). This boosted our self-confidence and we approached and got onboard our first large account – the FANTASTICO Retail Chain. After that the events started following their natural course – clients, commissions, recognition.

The online store won fourth place in the Technologies and Market category of the Computer Space international annual competition and is a leader to this day in online sales of products for infants!

In 2014, STENIK still works with FANTASTICO and PAKOSTNIK!

2006: Bianor brings know-how, and Dimiter - a solid anchor

The Software Company Bianor commissioned us to develop several web-projects, which served as an impetus for STENIK’s young enthusiasts. This marked the beginning of a successful partnership that is still very much alive to this day.

Stefan and Nikolay departed for Germany to get degrees from the Karlsruhe University. The timing was right to get onboard a new partner – Dimitаr and to set up STENIK GROUP OOD.

2007: New image, new office and new team members

A key year during which we fully revised our logo and web-page. It was time for a grand new beginning. STENIK altered its image and got a new office, which proved to be very lucky. In it we met our first true employees and closed some extremely important deals. Our team was joined by Zlatan Abadzhiev who plays a key role in managing the company and its projects to this day.

In 2007, companies such as Domain Boyar, Amotera, CableCommerce, RISK Electronic, Western Union Bulgaria, Top Drinks and many other important clients came onboard. In addition, the same year Nikolay Dimitrov settled permanently in Karlsruhe (Germany) and STENIK Group positioned itself strongly on the German market.

2008: Our German market and portfolio of 250 clients

That year was extremely successful for STENIK Group. Our sales increased threefold and we marked record turnover levels. And because we are well-aware that good business nurtures on true professionals, the STENIK family doubled in size. We also moved into a new avant-garde office where each of our 250 clients could enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.

It is worth mentioning that in 2008 we established sustainable international business relations and not only in Germany. Our web-pages are enjoyed in the US, UK, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Israel, British Islands and Greece. And last but not least, 2008 will be remembered with the long-term cooperation agreement signed with the German web-design company nwebs GbR.

2009: Best corporate blog in the web-industry

In the height of the economic crisis when all companies were downsizing, STENIK doubled its team. And the results were quick to come – we were approached by numerous prospective clients and were commissioned to develop a record number of web-pages and online stores.
Thanks to our very active online campaign in the social media, we won over a number of new fans, clients and friends and gained popularity in our industry. STENIK’s blog won third place in the prestigious Best Corporate Blog competition.

STENIK established a very strong presence in the online industry. We participated in WebExpo - the first web-design expo ever held in Bulgaria as part of the June Plovdiv Fair, and in September we organized an open-doors day in our office.
A fruitful design partnership between STENIK and the Career in Bulgaria Forum marked the end of the year.

2010: Initiatives in support of our clients and the consumers

Our accounts, partners, friends and fans made 2010 the most successful year in STENIK’s history – we doubled the size of our team and in April we moved into a twice bigger and much more comfortable office on 50 Gotse Delchev Boulevard.

In 2010, as part of our CSR initiatives, we donated a website to the Directorate General for Countering Organized Crime ( which aims at preventing cybercrime. We also developed a webpage for the social institution for children without parents in Ludogorie, and we launched an initiative for designing the official webpage of the 91st German Language High School.

We launched the unprecedented Stenik: Series initiative - a series of videos with free of charge consultations for customers looking for the most adequate company to develop their webpage or online store.

We established very close relations with the biggest Bulgarian hosting company STENIK became the official design partner, exhibitor and presenter in the only Bulgarian exposition for web-design and web-hosting companies WebXpo that took place in June in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

2011: Developers, presenters and motivational speakers for young people

We organized two open-doors days for web interns that attracted over 150 young web talents. This initiative grew into the Stenik Development Center offering opportunities to 60 web developers to improve their skills over a 4-month period.

The success of a company goes hand in hand with the personal development of its managers.

Stefan and Dimitаr attended a number of domestic and international web events as presenters, exhibitors and visitors. Among them were Internet World, OnlineBiz, Digitex, Webit, DesignDay, etc.

In addition to developing dozens of successful web-pages and internet stores, we made a robust start in the development of mobile websites and applications for Android and iOS.

2012: Magento and STENIK transformed the eCommerce environment in Bulgaria

We became the leading Bulgarian web-agency developing large-scale online stores such as Koketna and Hyppoland. All this was made possible thanks to the Magento eCommerce platform and STENIK’s developers.

We developed the corporate web-pages of Metro Bulgaria, Karol and Euromarket using the CMS systems StenikCMS and TYPO 3.

In just six months, our applications TAXI Bulgaria and Happy Name Day registered over 40.000 downloads for iPhone and Android and remained in the top 3 of App Store and Google Play for a very long period.

We delivered presentations at the SocialMe WorkShop, visited the eCommerce expositions in Munich and London, gave interviews for BG On Air, TV7 and SocialEvo.

Our successful web-design performance was acknowledged and we received an award by the Bulgarian Web Association and BGSite 2012. We sponsored a workshop on Web Security organized by the Association Voice of Youth in collaboration with Directorate General for Countering Organized Crime, while Stefan Chobanov sat on the jury and supported a competition for young web talents in Montana.

2013: Developing mobile technologies

We continued to reaffirm ourselves as #1 eCommerce company in Bulgaria by developing large-scale online stores such as and offering numerous free consultations for our clients on the STENIK blog.

We attached great importance to developing our mobile apps team implementing a dozen impressive mobile applications and mobile versions of web-pages and online stores.

During the year, we participated as presenters in numerous workshops and conferences among them SocialMe WorkShop, Sell More Online, etc.

To stay in touch with the latest international trends, in October a big group from STENIK visited one of the biggest eCommerce Expos in Europe - eCommerce Expo London. We learned a lot about online stores and mobile applications and established contacts with numerous international developers and consultants.

2014: Quality over Quantity!

In one decade STENIK developed over 700 projects for more than 600 clients, mainly Bulgarian. We are happy to have been instrumental in helping them expand their businesses and profit online!

We created a unique, well-amalgamated and strongly motivated team of web-specialists that very few companies can boast.

Our new corporate website launched in 2014 bears our new slogan “Quality over Quantity”, because we understand our customers’ need for good quality support. However, we are aware that quality cannot be achieved without having produced big quantities.
This is why we have worked hard for 10 years and we will not stop here...

2015: №1 in eCommerce!

In one decade STENIK developed over 700 projects for more than 600 clients, mainly Bulgarian. We are happy to have been instrumental in helping them expand their businesses and profit online!

We created a unique, well-amalgamated and strongly motivated team of web-specialists that very few companies can boast.

Our new corporate website launched in 2014 bears our new slogan “Quality over Quantity”, because we understand our customers’ need for good quality support. However, we are aware that quality cannot be achieved without having produced big quantities.
This is why we have worked hard for 10 years and we will not stop here...

Our Team


A Human Being at STENIK

A decade ago Stefan Chorbanov started STENIK jointly with his student Nikolay Dimitrov. Today he still works hard every day together with his co-workers on projects for STENIK’s key accounts.

With his partners, he made STENIK a leading web-agency developing internet stores in Bulgaria and building eCommerce experience with accounts such as Orange Center, KFC, Ozone and many more. As a hobby, over the past 4 years he has developed his own online stores. This helps him learn from experience not only as a developer but also as trader, an expertise that is not owned by many.

Stefan Chorbanov graduated from the 91st German Language High School, the Braunschweig Technical University and Sofia Technical University.

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Dimitаr Dimitrov

Web-consultant at STENIK

Dimitаr Dimitrov joined STENIK as a partner in 2006 and has been responsible for attracting new customers ever since.

His experience gathered through the closed deals for over 300 web-pages and meetings with hundreds of prospective customers gives him confidence to call himself a web-consultant. He has been involved in the development of numerous large-scale projects for important accounts such as Metro, Euromarket, HDI etc. Dimitаr’s strength is in offering consultations on the integration of online stores with ERP systems and warehouse management software applications.

Dimitаr Dimitrov graduated from the National High School of Commerce and Banking and the New Bulgarian University.

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Dipl. Eng Nikolay Dimitrov

Chief Technology Officer, STENIK

From co-founder and chief developer to Chief Technology Officer – this is Nikolay Dimitrov’s career path at STENIK. He was also the main driver behind STENIK’s expansion to the German market and the company’s partnership with nwebs GbR.

Nikolay is a true guru of PHP programming, the Magneto e-commerce platform, the TYPO3 content management system, all kinds of web services and of linking websites and online stores to different ERP systems, … but most of all he is the king of Linux servers.

Nikolay has a degree in economics from Karlsruhe University, Germany.

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Zlatan Abadzhiev

Head of Projects and Operations

Zlatan has joined Stenik in May 2007 as a Senior Web and Graphic Designer. Two years later he has assumed the position of Project Manager, focusing on leading the productive communication between the web agency and the customers. The proper functioning of the different phases of project development continues to be his main goal today as well.

With 15+ years of professional experience in fields like web and graphic design, software development, project process and people management, sales and consulting, in January 2016 Zlatan has been appointed as Head of Projects and Operations at Stenik.

Today Zlatan continues to participate in the training and development of young professionals who bring value to the online businesses for our clients.

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Our Competences

CMS and eCommerce content management systems


Websites: TYPO3, WordPress, Pirobase (open source), StenikCMS (inhouse made software by STENIK, based on symfony)

Online stores: Magento or symfony

Program languages, technologies and data bases


Web development: PHP 5, symfony, Python, Django, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS

Technologies: Web Services (SOAP, REST), Git, SVN

Data bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

ERP system integrations


Website and eCommerce integrations with: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ex-Navision), Universum by Unisoft, MoneyWorks by GenSoft, Colibri ERP by EDA OOD, Nabla OOD, Sys Technology AD, Mistral

Mobile applications and technologies


iOS development (Objective-C) and Android development (Java)

Servers installation, configuration and maintenance


Depending on customer need we are able to install and configure dedicated servers or VPS servers.

Operating systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat and Fedora Linux

Services: Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Postgresql, Postfix, Varnish, Redis, Memcached, Sphinx

Technical support and security


For maximum security STENIK works with all newest web technologies and program languages versions. By request we can provide 24/7 websites and server technical maintenance.


Stenik: These videos are a series, which provide you with advice based on our 11-year experience in web design, eCommerce, online marketing and working with over 600 clients.
These are tips which might be necessary for a successful online performance. Have a look!


Stenik and Germany

Accuracy, propriety, precision and ambiton for you to fight till your last breath even with the most difficult of projects. These qualities and all the time spent in Karlsruhe, Germany, helped our agreement with precious contacts with local German web agencies. Working together with different projects in the world of web design and online trade lead to the accumulation of a solid portfolio, with which STENIK created its own image in the German market and began gaining independent clients.

Among the German clients of Stenik are names such as, EMAG, AG, MAAS Gruppe, nf fleuren, DFGB GmbH, inotec Engineering GmbH, Conn-Act, Allex Projects and more.

Our projects

Events participation

In STENIK we have an enormous experience as lecturers in different seminars, conferences and workshops. If you are an organizer for an event related to web, eCommerce or online marketing then we will gladly discuss the opportunity of our participation.

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Along with many clients with Stenik, throughout the years a lot of reliable business partners have joined. With their help we manage to provide an even bigger range of services.
nwebs GbR
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