Stenik has been synonymous with eCommerce in Bulgaria and for 16 years we have not lost our focus on web design and online shop design.


Stenik се раздава за екипа си и служителите ни са щастливи

The trust we have built up in our customers comes from the security we give our employees!

We love what we do! We are stable and responsible and 80% of our employees are already between 2 and 10 years in the company.

We work efficiently and collectively, we love new challenges and do not miss to have fun and team together every day. We are betting not only on the skills and experience we develop each project, but we also invest a bit of ourselves. Our team is resourceful and energetic, always open to effective cooperation and challenges.

We develop not only individually, but also unite everything learned to achieve more. Driven by our desire to surpass ourselves in every project, we know that it is important to rely on mutual support. We have worked well!

If you want to be part of this - STENIK is waiting for you!

Ако имаш желание да бъдеш част от всичко това - STENIK те очаква! 

At Stenik we value our team and we have principles

  • To give our employees the opportunity to express themselves individually - in tasks, presentations, trainings
  • Trusted employees to perform their tasks with conscientiousness without choking them with control
  • To teach and send training
  • To show understanding of working time in personal engagement
  • Let's approve leave
  • Do not work outside work hours
  • Organize regular teambuildings, corporate events, collective exits
  • Join together in useful events in the industry
  • Let's consult the team about new ideas related to workflow optimization or technological innovation
  • Caring for every employee to have everything he needs to feel comfortable at work
  • Do not offend and offend
  • To eradicate any intrigue early
  • Do not slow down wages
  • To help with advances or to help if needed
  • Raise reward for individual and team merit
  • Dealing with Christmas bonuses if the year was successful for Stenik
  • To joke and laugh :)

Open positions: