Android application BGFirms

BGFirms is not just an application. It's a service that increases our options for searching and connecting to the business world. Through BGFirms you browse faster, easier and interact with wichever company you require at better values and cheeper rates all over Bulgaria. Establishing connection through the patented system of BGFirms you're talking to whichever company you chose to at the fair and solid price of 0,60lv. (VAT included) per 5 mins. for standart calls or at the same price regardless the call duration for all BGFirms partners. The application enables detailed and dynamic search through entering either of the following key words: Company name, Brand name, Trademark, Service type, or any key word in cyrilic or latin script. BGFirms database provides you the unique possibility of searching through entering a Trade Mark or Brand and thus getting you through to it's company representative in Bulgaria. Sorted search for local administrative areas.Once the system has detected any information about the company/ trade mark, brand/ service you inquire it gives you a complete idea about it including even logos, sites and addresses at your disposal. The application enables searching at a same time for all administrative units in Bulgaria . Once installed on a device the application functions regardless continuous or interrupted internet reception.
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