10 Reasons to choose an official Adobe Partner and certified Magento developers for building your online store


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10 Reasons to choose an official Adobe Partner and certified Magento developers for building your online store

Building a stable online presence is crucial for every online merchant in the highly competitive world of eCommerce. To achieve this success, it is essential to choose the right platform and the right developer to ensure growth and profitability for your eCommerce project. In this article, we will present 10 compelling reasons why entrusting your online store to an official Adobe partner with certified Magento specialists is crucial.

Stenik has been an official Adobe Bronze Solution Partner since 2019. We have a team of certified Magento specialists with diverse areas of expertise, including programmers, software architects, project managers, eCommerce consultants, and business analysts - positions that play a key role in the development and growth of successful online stores. See more information about all certified positions at Stenik at the end of the article.

Get to know the 10 reasons:

1. Expert knowledge

Certified developers have extensive knowledge in developing e-commerce stores based on Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce. This guarantees that they are specialists who know how to create and develop online stores from a technical aspect.

2. Proven experience

As an Adobe partner, the company has years of expertise, knowledge, and skills required for successfully executing projects that meet the needs of clients and end-users. The experience of certified developers allows them to create projects of different scales, tailored to individual needs and various industries.

3. In-depth understanding of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Certificate specialists have in-depth knowledge of the latest features, updates, and best practices related to the Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce platforms. This enables them to leverage the full potential of the platforms and ensure an optimal user experience.

4. Customized solutions for unique business needs

Understanding that each business is unique and requires an individual approach, certified companies provide customized solutions that align with your brand identity, target audience, and growth goals. This guarantees that your online store will be personalized and engaging.

5. Access to exclusive resources and support

As an official partner, the development agency has direct access to exclusive resources and receives assistance and advice from Adobe experts. This is crucial when making decisions for issue resolution, implementing new features, and updates.

6. Smooth integration opportunities

Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce offer ample integration opportunities with various third-party services and solutions for automating various processes. Working with a certified partner ensures expert knowledge for seamless integration of key functionalities such as payment methods, inventory management systems, logistics providers, and CRM tools.

7. Focus on security and compliance

In eCommerce, security is paramount. Certified developers adhere to established security practices and data protection measures. They create a secure online store that safeguards your customers' personal information, increasing their trust and loyalty.

8. Ongoing support and upgrades

Certified Magento specialists understand the need for continuous technical support and regular updates for your online store. This ensures that your store is always up-to-date, secure, and performs optimally - even during busy periods like Black Friday and holiday sales

9. Future-proof Solutions

By relying on certified specialists, you gain valuable insights into tackling future challenges in e-commerce. Your online store solution remains adaptive and scalable, allowing you to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape and accelerated digital transformation.

10. Faster Time-to-Market

Collaborating with certified Magento developers allows you to reduce development time while maintaining high-quality standards. This enables you to accelerate your time-to-market and start generating revenue from your online store faster.

Partnering with an official Adobe partner like Stenik offers numerous advantages for retailers. From unmatched expertise and experience to access to exclusive resources, seamless integrations, and result-oriented approaches. Stenik ensures the successful development and launch of your online store. Choose Stenik as your partner for the development of your e-commerce store and unleash the full potential of the Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce platforms to drive your business forward in the digital era. Contact us today to start building your successful online store.

Stenik is a certified Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

Stenik is a trusted technology partner, specializing in the implementation and maintenance of B2C, B2B, and D2C solutions for leading retailers and online merchants. As an official Adobe partner - Adobe Bronze Solution Partner, we support our clients in enhancing their online business and digital presence.

We are a Magento certified developer and have been on the market since 2004. As part of the global Magento community, we have access to a wealth of resources and connections with specialists, developers, and online merchants. We develop custom modules for Magento that facilitate the work of end-users and administrators. Our in-depth knowledge of ecommerce processes on the platform allows us to offer comprehensive eCommerce solutions for serious online retailers.

Our mission is to provide and adapt world-class solutions and know-how for our clients, making them more competitive in the digital economy.

With our team of specialists, consultants, and programmers, we continuously improve and adhere to the best practices and standards in developing complex online stores with various integrations. This enables us to ensure the security, reliability, and quality of the services we provide to our clients.

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Certified Magento Specialists at Stenik

At Stenik, we have a team of certified Magento specialists with internationally recognized certifications and various qualifications. Their knowledge and experience guarantee a high level of quality in the development, implementation, configuration, testing, and maintenance of e-commerce stores. Our specialists are well-known in the Magento community as MCSS (Magento Certified Solution Specialist) and hold official Adobe certifications and updated badges in several areas:

Stenik's professionals have experience with various projects and are familiar with the specific needs of businesses. Our clients can rest assured that their projects are in good hands and they trust a team of specialists with excellent knowledge and experience.

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What does the certification process entail?

After Magento became part of Adobe in 2018, some rules for certification were changed. In August 2020, the Magento program was renamed to Adobe Magento Certification. Certification involves a process of verifying competence in Magento project development. This process is standardized and includes taking an exam that assesses the specialist's skills and knowledge in functional and architectural aspects of the platform.

Certification in Magento provides clients with evidence of having deep knowledge, understanding of processes, and application of best practices in eCommerce solution development. To obtain a certificate, developers must have years of experience, undergo serious training, and stay up-to-date with current trends and developments in the field.


By choosing a reliable technology company that understands the needs of businesses in various industries and has the technical expertise to implement complex projects, you ensure quality development, technical support, and secure growth for your eCommerce project. Additionally, you eliminate the risk of wrong investments in your company's digitization. At Stenik, our goal is to provide companies that trust us with software security and the ability to focus on their sales and development.

Have you considered which developer to trust for your online store's development?

Over the years, we have emphasized how important it is to choose the right eCommerce technology partner to entrust the development, migration, and support of your Magento online store. How to choose a developer for my online store? is a topic we covered in Stenik: Series 2 - a video series with eCommerce advice for serious online retailers.

You can find out what sets us apart from other companies and get a behind-the-scenes look at Stenik by watching Stenik: The Film.

Our experienced developers and eCommerce consultants stand out with their certifications, extensive experience, and a broad range of technical knowledge. They are capable of creating even the most complex projects and meeting the highest requirements. To be sure of this, take a look at our portfolio, which speaks best of our work.

If you need development or migration of your eCommerce project, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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