What is the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert certification and who at Stenik holds it?


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What is the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert certification and who at Stenik holds it?

You've probably found the 10 reasons to choose an official Adobe partner and certified Magento developers for the development of your online store helpful. Now, we'll focus on one of the certification tracks - the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert, and we'll introduce you to our colleagues at Stenik who proudly hold this certificate.

What eCommerce skills does a certified Adobe Business Practitioner Expert possess?

1. Basic functionalities and general configuration

  • Familiarity with the rich functionality of Magento Open Source and the enterprise version, Adobe Commerce.
  • Distinguishing the differences among all Adobe Commerce products.
  • Ability to determine how to use different product types and their options to meet client requirements.
  • Proper interpretation of merchant requirements and prototypes to assess if they can be achieved with the platform's core functionality.
  • Knowledge of the administrative panel and the location of the most common functionalities.
  • Proficiency in importing and exporting products, orders, customers, etc., into the platform.
  • Configuration of standard shopping cart and checkout.
  • Understanding the available shipping methods in Magento/Adobe Commerce and their configuration in general use cases.
  • Ability to create and publish styled content using Adobe Commerce CMS and PageBuilder features.
  • Utilization of built-in tools to manage and customize the entire order cycle.
  • Configuration of various gift options for customers (gift cards, additional gift wrapping, gift messages).
  • Configuration and modification of transactional emails.
  • Understanding the functionalities of customer self-service options for B2B clients and the integrated loyalty program in Adobe Commerce.

2. Merchandising

  • Creating promotion rules and determining the final product prices to meet specific merchant business requirements.
  • Effective management of categories and products.
  • Understanding different pricing configurations and their impact on the final product prices in the catalog.

3. Digital marketing

  • Recommending best SEO practices using built-in features in Magento/Adobe Commerce.

  • Familiarity with common metrics in Google Analytics and BI tools.

4. Extensions and additional products

  • Understanding B2B functionalities and their relevance to typical B2B scenarios.

  • Providing solutions using Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) to cover business requirements.

  • Knowledge of the advantages and usage of Business Intelligence (BI) in Adobe Commerce solutions.

  • Differentiating between the built-in Adobe Commerce related products recommendations and those from Adobe Sensei.

5. System architecture

  • Evaluating client requirements and determining when to use website, store, or store view in online store configuration.

  • Identifying and analyzing performance indicators to suggest improvements.

  • Familiarity with available methods for integrating external systems with Adobe Commerce.

  • Differentiating headless approach from traditional.

6. Compliance and security

  • Competence in securing data access in Adobe Commerce using user roles and permissions.
  • Understanding the basics of compliance for data protection and payment security, such as PCI, GDPR, ADA, CAN-SPAM, PSD2.
  • Familiarity with general aspects of project security in Adobe Commerce.
  • Understanding the basics of tax legislation and configuring the online store according to client needs.

Who is the certificate suitable for?

The Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert certificate is mainly suitable for non-technical roles, but it is not excluded for "technicians" to take the exam:

From the company developer's side (like Stenik):

  • Business Analyst
  • eCommerce Consultant (Solution Specialist)

  • Project Manager

  • Software Architect or Programmer

From the merchant's side (retailer, online merchant):

  • eCommerce Manager
  • Magento Online Store Administrator

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Each of the professionals listed above, with advanced skills, good knowledge, and experience working with the Magento platform, can prepare and take the exam to obtain the certificate. The certificate is also a strong indication of your expertise if you are considering a career in the mentioned professions or similar ones.

How to obtain the certificate?

To earn the Adobe Certified Expert Business Practitioner certificate, practical hands-on experience with the Magento platform, approximately 1 to 3 years, and a wide range of eCommerce knowledge are required.

Experience in the following areas is necessary:

  • Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce - version 2.4.

  • Digital marketing and knowledge of analysis and performance tools: SEO, CMS, cross-selling and upselling techniques, understanding Google Analytics, email templates, tag manager, SWAT, New Relic, Fastly, Google Lighthouse.

  • Security, compliance, and data privacy laws, such as PCI, GDPR, ADA, CAN-SPAM, PSD2.

  • Strategies for marketing and sales in omnichannel and multichannel environments.

  • Project management, requirements gathering, integration flows, general eCommerce laws, software development methodologies, and monitoring.

  • Understanding of business, commerce/eCommerce, and logistics.

  • Basic understanding of personalized applications, cloud, and server infrastructure.

  • Contemporary terminology in the eCommerce field.

Certified professionals at Stenik

At Stenik, we are proud to have two officially certified Business Practitioners - Stefan Chorbanov, Human Being, and Albert Tsvetkov, PM Team Leader. They work closely with our team of project managers and technical specialists on complex projects. Their task is to manage processes, consult clients, and share their expertise with less experienced team members to achieve effective strategic and technical solutions for our clients. We look forward to more of our colleagues obtaining certifications very soon.
Стефан Чорбанов и Алберт Цветков от Стеник - сертифицирани Adobe Commerce и Magento експерти

At Stenik, we constantly strive to develop our skills and knowledge in order to meet the needs, preferences, and requirements of every online merchant. With our years of experience, we are capable of consulting various businesses on the right technical solutions to make them more competitive in the digital economy.

Would you like to work with certified Adobe Commerce experts?

 If your online store also requires support, digital transformation, migration, and you wish to discuss its future, do not hesitate to contact Stenik right away.

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