Stenik is a golden partner of Amasty: we get priority support and lower prices


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Stenik is a golden partner of Amasty: we get priority support and lower prices

At Stenik we develop online stores and automated solutions for online businesses using the eCommerce platform Magento 2. It is extremely rich in functionality even in its Open Source version, but individual and new customer requirements appear. Some of these requirements can be realized with the so-called extensions (modules) for Magento. Technology companies developing plug & play modules such as Amasty come to the rescue to add functionality to Magento sites. 

Who are Amasty and why do we at Stenik work with them?

Amasty is a leading extensions development company for Magento 2, founded in 2009. With headquarters in Bratislava,  Slovakia, and company offices in Minsk, Belarus and London, UK, Amasty is currently a partner of Magento, offering over 250 modules, to more than 100,000 of its customers!

Let's make it clear that Amasty does not offer creating online stores, but helps companies like Stenik to develop them. The company is focused on creating modules to enrich the functionality of various online stores based on Magento 2. They are implemented entirely on the basis of similar user needs, and some of them are even identical to the functionalities that the paid version of Magento 2 offers. Thus, in a short development time and low cost, rich functionality can be integrated in any online store, as well as in the projects that Stenik has developed. 

We have been using Amasty extensions since the time we developed Magento 1 stores. We were surprised to find that over the years Amasty has gained experience and impressions of the requirements of retailers and development companies, and currently their Magento 2 extensions have collected an extremely large volume of useful functionalities. And most of them are plug & play, i.e. require quick installation and configuration, after which they can be used. Of course, if an online retailer has a highly customized design (which is not uncommon), then at Stenik we adjust the extension to this custom design. 

Stenik is Amasty's gold partner

Nowadays, Amasty has an extensive list of partners, developers of online stores, some of which are from countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Britain, Germany and others.

We are more than happy to announce that Stenik has reached the Gold level in Amasty's partner list. Thanks to the large and solid online stores that we have established over the years and of course their number. 

Stenik and Amasty have long been in close communication about new features, troubleshooting, customer preferences and improvements. More than once, our team has even provided feedback on errors, specific customer needs and case studies, striving to improve Amasty's processes as much as possible. 

All this communication and mutual trust results quite unexpectedly and naturally in our partnership and today Stenik is the official Gold partner of Amasty!

This gives us the advantage of receiving priority support from Amasty, which is a plus for our customers when we need to solve a problem in an external extension. We also receive a discount when buying modules, which reduces the total cost of ownership for the development of the online store. 

Which Amasty extensions do we most often in Stenik?

We give you a list of extensions from Amasty, which in Stenik we have implemented in various of our projectsExpect this list to expand over time, as you will be able to read in our blog different case studies for the projects in which we have implemented the extensions.

  • Improved Layered Navigation - allows us to create individual navigations with filters in product listings, applying in them and many SEO settings that are required by the leading SEO agencies we work with;
  • SEO Toolkit - gives an option to the administrators of online stores to fulfill advanced requirements of SEO agencies;
  • Automatic related products - enables the creation of bundle packs and automated related products. See how we implemented the extension in Galen and Douglas Pharmacies.
  • Elastic Search - adds various types of tips and the option of additional settings in the Elastic search, which is built into Magento;
  • Special Promotions Pro - for creating discounts based on more complicated conditions;
  • Product Labels  placement by an administrator of individual labels for special products and offers;
  • Customer Group Catalog - gives flexibility and helps to control what products can be seen and not seen by user groups;
  • Landing Pages - gives great flexibility in designing landing pages, enabling online marketers and digital agencies to work independently in preparing campaigns;
  • Advanced Permissions - add additional administrator rights that upgrade the roles set in Magento;
  • Cookie Consent - gives users a beautiful interface with which to regulate the use of cookies for the online store. At Stenik we have implemented the module in combination with our GDPR module;
  • Free Gift - for adding free and reduced products to the cart under certain conditions that the products in the cart meet;
  • Mass Order Actions - helps in the process of automating the processing of orders by administrators. Saves time;
  • One Step Checkout - although at Stenik we prefer the basic 2-step checkout at Magento, as we consider it more intuitive, sometimes we also use the one-step checkout that Amasty offers. We have even allowed ourselves to exchange steps in it and customize it according to the requirements of our client. 

We expect this list to expand in the future, given the opportunities that companies like Amasty provide for the development of online retailers. We all strive to develop and improve, so we boldly stand that the Stenik team is ready to meet your needs and personal preferences in e-commerce.

If your online store also needs support, improvement, migration and you want to discuss its future, do not hesitate to contact Stenik  now. 

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