Instant Online Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay in Your Magento Online Store


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Instant Online Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay in Your Magento Online Store

You are probably already active users of Apple Pay/Google Pay or have heard about this method of mobile device payments. You are aware of how fast, easy, and seamless it can be to make payments at various grocery stores, restaurants, public transport, and more.
What could be better than accepting direct mobile payments in your online store?

Express one-click payments in your Magento online store through a mobile phone

Alongside the growing popularity of card payments and the actively shopping younger generation, online payments through mobile devices are becoming a preferred method of payment for a large portion of consumers. At Stenik, we offer this option to all our clients. You can see how we implemented it in one of the recently developed online stores in our portfolio - Timeland.

A quick and enjoyable shopping process and a better user experience during payment

For the needs of Timeland, we implemented Apple Pay and Google Pay for various mobile devices in the checkout of their online store.

Сигурно плащане във Вашия Magento онлайн магазин с Apple Pay

Customers of the online boutique no longer need to waste time manually entering data and information from their bank card. They can easily make online payments with just one click and automatically populate their information using the digital wallet on their mobile phone.

All they need to do is select their desired products, add them to their cart, and with a single click, choose their preferred payment method using Google Pay for Android users and Apple Pay for iOS users.Имплементация на Google Pay метод на плащане в magento онлайн магазин

The new service is also beneficial for the online merchant as it provides the opportunity for faster and easier processing of all incoming transactions in the online store.

We are delighted that together with the successful retailers in our portfolio, we work in harmony and understand what is needed to create and develop online stores that meet the growing user needs and are preferred shopping destinations.

Do you have questions about online payments?

For consultation regarding the implementation of Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods in your Magento online store, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support department and your personal Project Manager are available to provide guidance and discuss opportunities for upgrading and enhancing your online store together.

You can also explore other articles on our blog to learn more about what we have achieved for the needs of our clients.

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