More delivery options in the checkout means more customers. We have created a Magento module for BoxNow.


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More delivery options in the checkout means more customers. We have created a Magento module for BoxNow.

In the era of technological advancement, online retailers actively seek innovative ways to improve the user experience. Delivery options are of crucial importance. Modern consumers look for fast and convenient deliveries that match their dynamic lifestyles. A popular option in the e-commerce sphere is delivery through automated postal stations (lockers). The interest and utilization of this service are rapidly increasing. Its speed, convenience, and security make it a preferred choice, especially during busy periods like Black Friday, Christmas sales, and others.

As pioneers in the development of online commerce in the Bulgarian market, at Stenik, we understand the needs of the end-users. For this reason, we have developed a delivery module to BoxNow lockers, which we implement in the Magento stores of our clients. This way, retailers will gain a competitive advantage and be able to offer their customers an alternative delivery method for their orders.

BOX NOW is a new generation courier service in Bulgaria, entirely focused on convenience in delivering to customers. The service offers freedom and flexibility for receiving orders at a convenient time. BOX NOW has the largest proprietary network of lockers, available 24/7 and conveniently located at key locations in various Bulgarian cities (in front of supermarkets, parking lots, stores, gas stations, office buildings, and more). Customers can receive their packages on the same day for Sofia city for orders placed by a specific time (excluding Sundays and official holidays) and the next day in other cities across the country.

Interesting fact: The lockers are eco-friendly as they are powered by solar panels, contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions and the preservation of the environment. Additionally, the courier service is more efficient as the couriers cover fewer kilometers while delivering more parcels to one location.

BoxNow for your Magento Online Store:

Our certified programmers have developed a module to implement the BOX NOW delivery option in the Magento stores of current and future clients. The Stenik BOX NOW module connects the e-store with the BOX NOW courier system and offers the following advantages:

  •  Synchronization of the address database with BOX NOW for constant updates.

  • Real-time synchronization with the locker locations and their status.

  • Option for inputting data by the online merchant (default commercial data) for easy consignment note generation.

  • Support for multiple pricing types for delivery based on predefined criteria.

  • Administrative settings providing access to the BOX NOW API in demo and production mode.

  • Easy generation of consignment notes by administrators through pre-entered data by the e-merchant (by default) and the customer.

Our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of the BoxNow module, which is fully compatible with Stenik's modified Magento checkout, allowing the combination of multiple courier modules in one step without hindering the user experience (UX).

How BOX NOW Works in the Checkout?

Using the service in online stores is an intuitive process involving several easy steps that customers go through:

1. When completing the order in the online store (at checkout), the customer selects the "pick up from a locker" option by BOX NOW as the delivery method.

2. The second step involves selecting a locker for delivery. The Stenik BOX NOW module captures the user's location through the browser's geolocation and provides dynamic widget (map) suggestions of the nearest lockers in the area.

In case this option is disabled in the user's device settings, they should enter the desired address in the search field. The system automatically provides address suggestions and visualizes the locations of the nearest lockers on the dynamic map based on the entered address. When hovering over the chosen locker with the mouse, the exact location, additional landmark information for precise locker placement, and detailed images are displayed.

3. Once the customer has selected the delivery locker, they proceed to the next step in the checkout process, which is payment. The user has the option to make an instant payment with a credit card or choose the deferred payment option. In the case of deferred payment, after the parcel is dispatched, the customer receives a link for payment via email or SMS.

4. In the final stage, the customer receives an email or SMS with a unique PIN code for access to the locker. This PIN code serves as identification and ensures that the parcels are stored securely until they are received by the intended recipient.

5.The customer retrieves their parcel from the locker without any physical contact. They simply use the provided PIN code to unlock the delivery box containing their order.

Why are deliveries to lockers a good solution for online retailers?

The "pick up from locker" option provides numerous advantages that not only improve the order delivery process for e-commerce stores but also enhance the shopping experience for customers. This convenient delivery method caters to the modern needs and preferences of customers, offering them freedom and flexibility when receiving their orders.

For every online retailer, it is crucial to adapt to the modern demands of customers and provide efficient and reliable delivery solutions. Such delivery options are the key to successfully attracting and retaining customers in the increasingly competitive e-commerce market.

Would you like to add this delivery option to your online store?

If you desire consultation regarding the implementation of the "pick up from locker" delivery method in your Magento online store, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team and your personal Project Manager are available to discuss the possibilities for enhancing the shopping process in your e-store.

You can also explore other articles in our blog to learn more about what we have achieved for the needs of our clients.

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