Bundle products - sets of products (outfits) with the option of purchasing the entire set or individual products. Increase the average order value!


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Bundle products - sets of products (outfits) with the option of purchasing the entire set or individual products. Increase the average order value!

Until a few years ago, online merchants tried to offer a wide variety of products to be able to make more sales, today the picture changes niche stores are becoming more and more frequent, as well as the specific supply. Every new visitor can be your potential customer. The ability to grow sales is inextricably linked to effective product offering - Customized Ready-to-Market Packages that cater to your customer's specific needs. How can you achieve better results when offering products in your e-store?

If you have not yet met Bundle products, one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase the average cost of your online store, do it now.

Grouping of relevant or complementary products together is a great way to encourage e-shop users to buy impulsively. Much of the online consumer likes to buy ready-made bids - a set of products that saves them time searching the store catalog. They would definitely appreciate a good bundle of products.

What are Bundle Products?

Bundle products: the ability to group multiple items in a set that adds extra value when shopping -discount rate, free shipping or gift. Bundle product contains several simple products in itself that can be purchased together or separately. The one-click add-on add-on button dramatically increases the order size! This functionality is basically available on platforms such as Magento , but when unlocking it, an individual design has to be created to match that of the online store . When adding bundle products, you can set the add-on (part of the kit) as a must or optional. Bundle product groups can be visualized based on the drop down, radio button, or checkbox configuration. Adding this type of product allows adding an unlimited number of product groups and an unlimited number of products to each group.

How to "pack" your products online?

Product Binding Strategy Among online stores, you can meet this type of offering such as: "Bundle Deals," "Buy Set" or "Mega Offer". There are several bundling models for target bundles that users would like to buy:

Merge products with accessories

For example, you can offer users a package of 4 items - an all outfit. When ordering the set, the final amount is reduced. In this way, the customer is pleased to take advantage of the special price and the likelihood that the value of his order will increase becomes larger.


Merge complementary products in a set

For example: Offering complementary products to be the perfect set, we deliver besides the emotional satisfaction of the user and an attractive discount when buying the desired products.

Merge the core product with similar products

For example: If a user searches for a front bumper for a car, you can offer him a bundle of offer along with two more products - sills and rear bumper. In this way, the buyer gets a promo kit.

Merge the main product with different products

For example, if a user needs several different products in the catalog, you offer them in the form of a "Birthday Package" that includes three types of alcohol with a% discount.

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