Checklist to launch a Romanian version of your online store. Free PDF


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Checklist to launch a Romanian version of your online store. Free PDF

Why do we know Stenik in the Romanian online market?

In recent years, we have helped some big merchants expand beyond the borders of Bulgaria , which not only expanded the market they have access to, but also made them more competitive on local soil. We have gained a lot of experience in making an internet shop for Romania and we have the opportunity to share it through the topic How to prepare your e-shop for sales in Romania? - presentation of Dimitar Dimitrov and Stefan Chorbanov in the framework of the second edition "Sell Successfully in Romania".

The event took place on October 11, 2017 in the Capital Fort Hall and was attended by more than 150 guests and the program included useful practical tips and contacts for all online merchants wishing to expand their operations in our northern neighbor. we have made it clear that more and more online marketers are eager to expand their business to the Romanian market, and we decided to shape a checklist to help online merchants launch a Romanian version of their online store.

What is the checklist for launching an online store for Romania?

In the document, you will find valuable resources and good practices based on Stenik's 15-year experience in online marketing and working with large and operating stores in Bulgarian companies . The included checkpoints in the free checklist will help you avoid many mistakes, which will save you time analyzing all the steps of expanding an online store in Romania.

What are the most important highlights in the checklist?

Do you want to know what to pay attention to in your online store, what are the key moments and good practices for entering the Romanian market?

The fastest way your goods can reach Romanian users is to have a flawless Romanian version of your online store that looks like a local store. In Free PDF we have included the following points of reference to focus on when developing your Romanian version.

All check points will be found by downloading the PDF at the end of the article.

1. Foundations of the Romanian web site

  • Second language version of the BG site
  • Select a domain
  • Option to change the language version from a user
  • Option to change currency
  • and other

2. Translations into Romanian

✔ Logo

✔ Translations of text content from CMS pages

✔ Product categories

✔ Products

✔ System text translations (set in the program code)

✔ Transaction emails

✔ Banners

Learn more important key points:

3. Prices and currency 
4. Delivery 
5. Payment 
6. Online marketing 
7. SEO 
8. Social networks 
9. Communication with the client 
10. QA

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