Cleverbook is among the winners of the eCA Awards


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Cleverbook is among the winners of the eCA Awards

This year, our partners from eCommerce Academy held the first of its kind strictly profiled competition for online retailers in Bulgaria.

An online store developed by Stenik is among the winners

According to our partners and the organizers of the competition, a total of 80 online stores participated in the eCA Awards, and 15 "Online Commerce Star" awards were presented at the award ceremony.

We can't hide our excitement for the recognition received by the online store developed by us, Cleverbook. It was nominated in the Children's Products category and rightfully earned its trophy.


Clever Book is a Bulgarian publishing house that offers educational reading materials for the youngest readers, as well as some more serious ones for adolescent readers and parents. They have been our clients and partners for over 5 years, during which we have jointly built and enriched the online store based on its needs and current trends.

We initiated the project by building it on Magento 1, and later continued with migrating it to the current version of the platform. After the migration, we managed to achieve a 40% increase in Clever Book's mobile eCommerce conversion rate, and of course, we didn't miss the opportunity for a redesign of the publishing house's online store.

All of this brings us to today, where it's entirely deserved that Mayа Bobeva-Atanasova, the manager of Clever Book, personally received the "Online eCommerce Star" award in the Children's Products category.

Our Contribution to the Competition

We are equally proud to share that our UI/UX Design Team Lead - Zori, received an invitation and was part of the jury for the competition.

She had the challenging task of evaluating the design of the online stores participating in the competition, excluding those developed by us. After a thorough review, Zori provided assessments aligned with the evaluation criteria and shared her impressions and recommendations for individual projects. At the same time, she acquainted herself and exchanged valuable experiences with other jury members, with whom she had personal discussions during the awards ceremony following the competition.

Thank you for the invitation and valuable feedback

The awards ceremony took place on October 5th and brought together all the participants of the eCA Awards, as well as the knowledgeable jury. This provided us with the opportunity to have personal conversations with the contenders and the evaluators, and to learn more about them both professionally and personally.

In addition to Zori, Stefan and Dimitar from Stenik were also present at the awards ceremony. They personally congratulated the winners from various categories and got acquainted with new faces that were unfamiliar to them.

Of course, with the utmost excitement, they congratulated Ms. Bobeva-Atanasova after receiving the "Star of Online Commerce" award. Together with her, we built the Cleverbook project, transforming it into the functional and intuitive online store it is today.

More about us and connecting with our consultants

If you want to learn more about us and our contribution to online commerce in our country, keep a close eye on our blog for the latest news. We increasingly participate in various industry events, sharing everything we learn and experience there.

Feel free to reach out to us for contact with any of our consultants, ready to answer your questions and discuss possibilities for your online business.

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