Video series on professions at Stenik: Interview #06 featuring Dimitar Troyanov - Front-end Developer


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Video series on professions at Stenik: Interview #06 featuring Dimitar Troyanov - Front-end Developer

At Stenik, we successfully nurture a multitude of programmers who evolve into experienced specialists and certified Magento experts. Our committed and targeted approach to the development of each team member is a key factor in achieving high standards and successful results in eCommerce. In the following lines, we will introduce you to one of our talented and ambitious Front-end programmers, who has been part of this productive team for the past 8 years. Learn more about his role and rich experience in our company by reading the entire interview.

More about the profession - Front-end Programmer

>> Hello, Mitko. Tell us more about your profession.

My work as a Front-end Programmer is related to the development process of an online store at the stage where design and programming meet. My task is to bring the design to life on the screen and, at the same time, ensure the easiest interaction possible for end-users with a functional, user-friendly website with seamlessly loading pages.

>> How does your position contribute to Stenik's mission?

At Stenik, we constantly introduce new technologies to develop more successful online stores for our clients. My work contributes to creating visually appealing websites with excellent user experiences that are faster, intuitive, and optimized for end-users.

>> What motivates you in your work?

I am motivated by working on interesting and diverse online stores. A great incentive for me is the opportunity for growth, constant improvement of knowledge and skills, working with new technologies that I can apply in practice. Satisfaction comes with the results.

>> How does your typical workday unfold?

My workday starts with a cup of coffee and a review of our internal collaboration system and my current tasks. I make a priority plan and start working. During my day, I participate in meetings with colleagues to discuss emerging issues and find possible solutions together. I always inform the team about the status of my active tasks at the end of the day. Specifically on Fridays at Stenik, we have a rule not to work on projects for clients but to focus on new technologies and their development. This way, we enhance our knowledge and elevate the level of the development team.

>> What team do you work with?

I work in a team with colleagues from Back-end and Front-end programmers under the mentorship of our technical director. Together with UX/UI designers and Project Managers, we work on new projects. I actively collaborate with the eCommerce Support team regarding the optimization and enhancement of online stores. At Stenik, we all have the desire to improve, help each other, share new knowledge, and give our best on the projects we work on. Experience is built with the help of the people around you with whom you exchange ideas.

>> What knowledge does a Front-end Programmer need at the beginning of their development at Stenik?

Anyone who wants to start working as a Front-end Programmer at Stenik is advised to have a foundation of eCommerce knowledge, programming principles, and practices, basic technical knowledge, and familiarity with fundamental Front-end JavaScript libraries and current trends in HTML and CSS. Analytical and logical thinking, as well as creativity, are advantages. Anyone starting at Stenik can go through an internship or eCommerce training to learn and upgrade.

>> What skills have you gained in the company?

Over the years at Stenik, I developed my technical ability to turn a vision into a well-functioning reality. I mastered working with various design tools and technologies. I work with the world's most popular eCommerce platform - Magento. I successfully completed two courses in the Magento program and hold Magento 1 and Magento 2 certificates. The newest skill I added is working with Vue.js - a fast, lightweight, and convenient JavaScript Front-end library that aids in building the client-side.

>> Any advice for those starting in this position?

The challenge in this profession is the constant need to improve your skills. My advice to future Front-end Programmers is to self-educate daily and be interested in new technologies. To acquire even more practical skills, it is crucial to focus on the right company that provides opportunities for learning and development.

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If you are seeking an opportunity for career development in a collaborative team, we invite you to explore our current internship programs. They open the door to valuable experience in the eCommerce field, which can help you progress towards your desired position in this industry. Dimitar is just one of the many successful examples of programmers who started with basic knowledge and evolved into professionals in the field of Front-end programming. Follow our blog for more interesting and inspiring interviews about professions at Stenik.

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