Stenik's participation in eCommCongress 2019


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Stenik's participation in eCommCongress 2019

eCommCongress 2019

On April 19, Sofia Event Center hosted the 5th eCommCongress Conference. The event was attended by a number of agencies, developers and consultants of online stores, payment systems and process automation companies, logistics companies, fullfilm centers and many others ready to meet the questions and needs of all participating participants.

The program covered the interval t from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 pm, the time was filled with inspirational lectures, fruitful breaks and many meetings, extremely useful for all of us in the industry. Descriptive case studies provided valuable advice to all future, current and potential online marketers. Among the tips from the speakers were topics such as: from traditional trading to online sales, how to extinguish "fires" when growing faster than expected, success or failure.

Stenik's participation

Traditionally, this year Stenik also participated in the event alongside some of its biggest partners and clients. We had the pleasure of sharing experiences and ideas, as well as gaining valuable insights into what online marketers need and how we can best benefit them.

Dimitar Dimitrov on the stage at eCommCongress

Dimitar Dimitrov, a co-owner at Stenik, brilliantly joined the discussion panel on "Success or Failure?" in the form of a blitz interview. The questions he addressed to his two interlocutors aroused the interest of all of the attendants and made them ask many of their own. The ensuing discussion was extremely helpful and interesting.

Stefan Chorbanov on focus

What did Stefan share infront of the camera?

Today we attended the event to meet with people from the industry and share experiences. For our part, we have introduced the Magento 2 solution, which is suitable for serious online marketers, even in our free version. It is our great pleasure to introduce our newest Magento 2 based project, Douglas & Beauty | Zone.

Stenik as an exhibitor

Three of the Stenik consultants were available to all guests at the exhibit booth throughout the day, ready to answer any questions. Visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with Stenik and to exchange information with our experienced practitioners, as well as to build a future partnership. We are pleased with the acquaintances we have made, the experience we have exchanged and the suggestions we have made - we found it helpful.

This year, the Stenik booth in the expo section proved to be one of the most attractive and eye-catching ones. Thanks to our partners and friends at Take a Cake and the high-end coffee maker, kindly provided to us by Genik Coffee Solutions , we did not stay unnoticed. We combined duty with pleasure and each tip or request to us was garnished with aromatic coffee and delicious cupcake. With the help of our clients and partners, we have taken the pleasure of working together at Sofia Event Center.

#Stenik & Takeacake: Game time

And to break the script even further, we organized the cutest game. The rules were very easy, the prize extremely tempting, and the interest - big. All that participants had to do was to take a picture of their delicious cupcake from Take a cake and upload it to their Facebook profiles.

Randomly, after the event, we pulled out three of the participants who won a promotional code for a free cupcake box from the online bakery Here are our winners:

That's how Stenik created an extremely pleasant, friendly atmosphere that made it comfortable for all the people to ask us questions without hesitation, stop by us and ask who we are and what we would advise them.

If you did not have the pleasure of attending and meeting us, you can do so here. If you have any questions about your online store or want to start one, feel free to contact us to get feedback and opportunity to work with our team of professionals in the field.

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