Stefan Chorbanov with a Masters degree for Ecommerce Conversion of Top Marketing Expert Tim Ash


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Stefan Chorbanov with a Masters degree for Ecommerce Conversion of Top Marketing Expert Tim Ash

During the second day of the 11th edition of eCommerce TeCOMM in Bucharest, Stefan Chorbanov took part in the Ecommerce Conversion Masterclass Workshop on UX & Converting rate optimization of online stores with lecturer, the world's top online marketer, the American Tim Ash, author of two top-selling books to optimize landing pages.

Although I have a wealth of experience in creating online stores, there is always something new to learn. My master class was very useful because there were many psychological moments that were more valuable to me than good practices. For the sake of truth after the end of the training, it turned out that in Stenik we observe a huge part of Tim Ash's UX recommendations when we make online stores for our clients.

Стефан Чорбанов, Human Being @ Stenik

What useful did Stefan Korbanov and Stenik learn?

Within the workshop, Tim Ash shared his knowledge of web design, convincing and understanding online consumer behavior, and testing the landing page. During the training, Stefan strengthened much of his knowledge gained from work on major Stenik projects and also gained added value - he gained his experience, learned more good practices and expanded his / her knowledge in all subjects included in the training:

  • Interactive real-time reviews of online stores
  • Errors to be avoided on key pages: homepage, search results, category, product details, and basket
  • Mobile challenges for e-commerce and how to approach them
  • How to structure your categories and products to increase your sales
  • Effective techniques to optimize the shopping process
  • Helping the customer shopping process with marketing automation
  • Personalization and experience
  • Support for sales growth
  • How to use the data to create audiences
  • Managing Effective Traffic

Our knowledge will definitely benefit our current and future customers so that they can make the most of our work with us, and we, in turn, develop online stores to sell more.

Knowledge is sweeter when shared

We know in Stenik that the more dynamic the digital environment becomes, the more important it is that the employees of a technology company have the necessary skills and knowledge to be adequate and productive in their work. It is important for us to share experience and grow together. We have completed another in-company training to increase the efficiency and level of competence of the team, as well as to discuss specific case studies, to initiate discussion and brainstorming.

Stefan Chorbanov handed over the new knowledge to an internal seminar in Stenik

Our manager, Stephen, shared with the team a synthesis of information on modern site optimization that he had mastered at the Masterclass Workshop. The focus of the training went through a number of important themes that need to be clearly understood by every practitioner in e-shop development and the part of digital marketing - from the foundations, structure and important elements of an online store to the creation of effective texts and landing pages, and so on. We have received all this information with many practical examples in order to learn immediately a large percentage of shared knowledge.

What have we established and learned?

Landing page performance can drastically improve the profitability and marketing of an online store. Optimizing landing pages should be tailored to users and their preferences and needs. This approach not only sells but also builds a loyal audience.


The two days spent at the event brought us knowledge and new ideas that we would willingly give our customers to launch a successful online business or improve their present. During the eCommerce event, we created many useful contacts, exchanged experience and received inspiration, ideas and advice - both during the lectures and in the conversations on the breaks. Also very useful was the Ecommerce Conversion Masterclass Workshop and Stephan's meeting with Tim Ash, who came to Stenik's team and expanded his knowledge. From now on we know and can ever more! :)


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