What we learned in Stenik from our London visit at the eCommerce Expo 2018 event


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What we learned in Stenik from our London visit at the eCommerce Expo 2018 event

eCommerce Expo London is the largest online trading event in Europe, which is organized annually. Each year, it collects over 9500 developers, international dealers, B2B and B2C store owners and suppliers of the latest ecommerce technologies.

The Expo program includes a conference part with presentations of leaders in online trade and an accompanying exhibition featuring exhibitors from a variety of events for the event industry. The most valuable are the opportunities for new business contacts with developers, marketing experts, experienced e-merchants and others.

This year, on 26 and 27 October, the United Kingdom once again hosted the eCommerce Expo 2018, which welcomed international specialists in online commerce. The interest in the event was greater than ever. At the entrance of Olympia London, a small queue was formed another 30 minutes before opening the hall.

Stenik inspires new trends for customers

What better start of autumn than attending a useful event? As a progressive web development agency, Stenik has not missed the experience of the best in the eCommerce community. Stenik's CEO, Stefan Chorbanov, spent two inspiring days meeting with a number of English, American and European companies, developers and top online store managers.

During the event Stefan succeeded in building a series of meetings with partners, creating many new friendships and business contacts and

Experience from international eCommerce experts

Within the conference part there were 5 expo panels. The interest was great, the halls crowded. Visitors often sit on the ground or stand out of the enclosure on the stage.

The lectures were full of cutting-edge presentations, case studies, online marketing case studies, and panel debates. The program included important and varied themes:

  • Cross-border - Cross-border shopping. Increasing customer engagement and staying relevant in an increasingly connected world.
  • Omnichannel - E-Commerce at All Levels and Processes. How best to overcome challenges such as maintaining consistent customer experience, linking up the various retail operations and maximizing the opportunities provided by the latest innovations.

Several useful lessons were included in this panel, one of which was Talia Shani, Marketing Director, Yotpo.

She shared something very true:

Every day, your customers tell you exactly what they want, just what is important to them, and exactly where you need to focus your time and resources to get closer to them.

Another extremely interesting presentation was "The Road to the Perfect B2B Process of Shopping" presented by Yoav Kutner, co-founder and CEO, Oro Inc. Important highlights during the presentation were the practical advice and strategies for companies targeting B2B and providing a seamless, personalized consumer experience for consumers.

Magento also brought new inspiration and inspiration to their presentation. According to Magento, the sooner eCommerce acquaints us with calling and accepting Commrece, the better for both traders and customers. At Stenik, we fully support this statement and constantly help more offline merchants go online and omnichannel.

Simon Toon, ecommerce manager at House of Fraser unveiled the topic "How to prepare for Black Friday?" giving valuable practical resources. It's really helpful to hear how to prepare for a pepper campaign by someone who has run an online store with thousands of orders a day.

As presenters of a number of industry events, we decided to make a recommendation to the organizers in Bulgaria of events - to install instruments to measure the time of a lecture, presentation, etc. We have almost not attended an event in BG that goes on a program and lecturers do not stretch their presentations as long as they want.

  •  Delivery & Logistics - Delivery and logistics of orders. How will the ever-growing needs of consumers be met?

  • Customer and Personalization - Customers and personalization. Personalization can lead to more traffic, provide a more engaging browsing experience, reduce abandoned carts and win back tentative buyers.
  • Content Marketing - Marketing Content. Involve the audience, new technologies and tools to improve your customer experience.

Stefan was fortunate enough to meet highly qualified lecturers to exchange experience and good practices to hand over to Bulgarian traders. In talks on breaks with various English developers, Stefan confirmed that the web developer company must be extremely well organized to control the sequence of all processes.

The task is the holy grail in the web

With regard to the topic of the technical specification, the English colleagues were categorical - this may take a long time, but it is most important for the overall development. A technical assignment for each new project is key to each project. In our practice in Stenik, we have confirmed that creating a technical assignment can ensure that there will be no surprises in the stages of the work, which ensures that the ultimate goal is achieved without difficulty.

Expo part - come, see, listen, share

The event was attended by a large number of exhibitors from the entire eCommerce chain - Magento, Shopify Plus, Oro Commerce, Amazon for Business, PayPal, Checkout.com, Akaneo, Trustpilot, Feefo, Avalara, Dotmailer and Bronto. And hundreds more!

All of them helped to gain invaluable experience, knowledge and many more benefits. Every year we are convinced that by attending such events we can be sure that we will always keep up with the new trends and innovations in the sphere.

Pricing tips from Magento experts

At the Magento booth, besides valuable practical tips for working with the latest version, Magento 2, Stefan discussed possibly even closer cooperation between Stenik and Magento, based on the large number of projects implemented by Bulgarian online marketers from Stenik.

Extremely enjoyable were the talks with Magento- iWeb's official partners from England. Stephen learned a lot of useful things about project management at major online stores.

Open source solution for B2B stores

A great interest for the manager of Stenik was Oro's stand. The company has created an opensource solution OroCommerce, based on the Symfony platform and specialized for B2B stores

There he met personally with Yoav Kutner, the founder of Magento. In conversation he received a solid technical base and many valuable facts for each developer.

PIM system for your business

Akeneo has won us with its solution - PIM (Product Information Management).

What are PIM systems?

Focused and quality product detail is important to consumers and customers because it allows them to understand more about its features and action. Often, online dealers are confronted with complex or archaic systems for managing product information.

Product Information Management (PIN) is a solution for managing product information. The system allows one place to manage the information for each product in the nomenclature of an online store - B2B or B2C. It serves to create a product catalog and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels. The solution provides a number of ways to optimize the process:

  • Simplify the process. Data collection for products from existing sources - ERP system or vendors
  • One source of product information
  • Complete control over product information
  • Precise match of product data across all channels

And more ... through the traveler's eyes

eCommerce spirit hits everywhere in the English capital. On the Piccadilly Square screen, an ad was launched gleaming at an online store net-a-porter.com. This may be an example of an increasing number of Bulgarian traders.

We adjusted our watch from the UK press, where they noted the rapid pace of development of online commerce.


The online boom is even physically on the streets: Chinese are filming for their online store at Trafalgar Square.

The rest of the time, Stephen decided to be inspired by a little art and to be loaded with nature. So he combines the useful and the pleasant. The paintings can definitely immerse you in deep and exciting stories and why not give you an interesting point of view for your business. The picture is one of Van Gog's paintings of the Long Grass with Butterflies series.

A great place to relax is London's parks. A great breath of fresh air, greenery, colorful alleys and friendly representatives of the animal world.

Give eCommerce the inspiration on

Our team is always craving for new knowledge. Eagerly, colleagues expected Stephen's return from London to get a fresh dose of fresh knowledge. We quickly organized an in-house seminar where Stefan shared about the new sophistication and know-how he had managed to gain at the Expo 2018.

The lecture grew into discussion and brainstorming, which gave us even more weight. Our information was presented in a synthesized form and specifically. Everyone has learned something interesting or confirmed their knowledge. We are ready to surrender our knowledge to our customers, to help them get into the matter, to expand eCommerce's horizons, to grow and to enjoy results together.

Thanks to the visit of such events, we are always up to date with the innovations we not only follow but also create. We have learned the best practices we are ready to share with the Bulgarian traders.

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