Stenik with a lecture at Sofia University on the “E-commerce Success” Program


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Stenik with a lecture at Sofia University on the “E-commerce Success” Program

What and where?

"E-commerce Success" is a curriculum aimed at students and entrepreneurs who are now starting or are already in the process of implementing an online store project on the local and international markets, as well as employees of companies that are responsible or will be responsible for the development of the e-business of companies.

The organizers of the program are the Bulgarian E-Commerce Association, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, whose overall aim is within two semesters, participants to acquire knowledge and practical skills for starting, marketing and sustainable development of their electronic business. The lectures are held 4 hours a week, on weekends, at the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University.

Stenik's participation in the program

Within the second module of the program: Starting a successful online store , Stefan Chorbanov, manager of Stenik, took part. He gave the students a great deal of his practical experience and gave them an e-commerce knowledge. The topic of the presentation was "Introducing Magento 2 Online Store Solutions."

The four-hour lecture was divided into several sections, which presented topics such as:

  • The Road to a Successful Online Store;
  • Comparison of Magento with other Open Source eCommerce platforms;
  • Magento 2 functionality;
  • Integration of Magento with external software.

Last but not least, Stefan presented in the form of case studies some of the projects that the Stenik team worked on, such as , , , , ,, and , which managed to demonstrate theory in practice in an interesting and accessible way.

The lecture was interesting and useful for both beginners and advanced marketers. The audience listened with attention and interest till the end of Stenik's valuable advice and experience, and finally asked its questions, which Stefan answered based on his years of experience and professional observations.

We hope that our team and work were helpful to all attendees!

If you have or would like to develop your own online store, you can also find useful tips in our videos from the series Stenik: Series and Stenik: Series 2 .

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