Stenik with a presentation during eCommerce Summit on 01.10.2019


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Stenik with a presentation  during eCommerce Summit on 01.10.2019

The eCommerce Summit Forum aims to review and familiarize e-marketers and companies in the industry with state-of-the-art solutions in various aspects of online sales. The forum is an opportunity to present innovative solutions to online marketers , get acquainted with and view current trends in the sector and, of course, tools to attract, maintain and increase the number of loyal customers.

About the eCommerce Summit

This year the event was held on October 1 in Interpred, Sofia Hall . As expected, the forum audience consisted of over 120 people, including representatives of companies from various fields with an interest in e-commerce. The program was well selected and varied, divided into four panels, according to the specifics of the issues discussed, as follows: Panel 1. Trends and analysis of the e-commerce market; Panel 2. E-commerce 4.0- what should today's online store include; Panel 3. The technologies behind a successful e-commerce and Panel 4. Successful business models and good practices in online commerce.

  Stenik's participation

We are honored and pleased to announce that our team was one of the partners of the event. It was a great pleasure to consolidate our position in the industry and to meet with a number of our friends and partners. We were also able to get acquainted with many new flour makers, representatives of digital agencies and distinguished marketing specialists.

A personal meeting at our booth

Our booth stood next to those of our partners to welcome all present and share experiences and ideas. To have their coffee, with the advice of us, all present were able to, with Stefan Chorbanov and Dimitar Dimitrov personally available to respond to all inquiries. The meeting at our booth and the established contacts with all our potential customers wishing to develop their online store were extremely pleasant. Thanks to the organizers and the pleasant attitude of all present, the atmosphere created between the four panels was extremely energizing and full of experience and knowledge in the field of e-commerce.

Stenik with a presentation, within panel 2

As already mentioned, the program was divided into four precisely grouped panels, each of which was fully tailored to the set time and extremely organized. Our participation was followed by the attendees during the second panel: E-commerce 4.0- what today's online store should include. Within a little over an hour, Stefan Chorbanov and Dimitar Dimitrov presented a presentation on "The Digital Transformation of Douglas & Beauty | Zone in Bulgaria". In 2019 our team developed an online store for Douglas & Beauty | Zone in Bulgaria, and for all of us it was a serious and extremely interesting project. It is because of its success and breadth that the project has become a clear example of a successful journey from offline to online sales.

Stefan and Dimitar introduced the audience to the brand and its specifics and followed the steps from offline to online sales . They looked at the project up close, based on real data and statistics. Key points and functionalities in the development of were presented , including design decisions, product listing, categories and brands, configurable product stock and more. Stefan and Dimitar opened the way to bringing an offline experience online to the entire audience .

Digital transformation in B2B

Shortly after the successful presentation of the Douglas & Beauty | Zone project in Bulgaria , an interesting interview followed and we also got involved. Two representatives from Adobe, Ben Marx and Nick Stoyanov, took part in the forum, which aimed to present Magento's B2B options and answer any questions the audience has about the platform. It was extremely exciting that they shared the stage with Stefan and Dimitar to answer questions from the audience after the panel was over.

Participation in Panel 4: Offline to Online - Panel Discussion

In addition to an extremely interesting presentation on an exceptional project, Stefan Chorbanov also participated in the Panel Discussion in panel 4. The questions he answered were on behalf of Global Brands and the answers were sent in advance by Milena Ibisheva - Marketing Manager, Global Brands Distribution Ltd. An extremely useful and interesting discussion began which provoked the attention of all present.

To end up with

We have closed the white wine and rosé program at our booth by host Eduardo Miroglio. Everyone had the opportunity to have a glass of wine with us to create a more informal setting and talk not only as flour professionals but also as friends and partners . We were able to create a relaxed atmosphere and make the attendees share their views without worry.

Thank you for being part of the 2019 eCommerce Summit

It was extremely exciting and helpful for us to stand face-to-face with all professionals, partners and friends in the e-commerce field and answer any questions that the audience had about us. We can definitely say that this year's eCommerce Summit was not only very useful and successful, but also well organized and conducted. Impressed by all the speakers and attendees, we believe that together we reviewed and presented important and relevant topics and solutions for the entire audience, which followed with interest every second of each presentation and discussion.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your issues together and to look at different solutions to the cases that have arisen.


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