Spring Mini Team Building in Two Sofia Escape Rooms


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Spring Mini Team Building in Two Sofia Escape Rooms

We Successfully Uncovered Some of the Most Mysterious Corners of the Capital

Just a few days ago, we proved that besides excelling on the ecommerce podium, we are also quite adept at unraveling mysteries. We often share how we spend our time together, and in the following lines, we will tell you about our latest team gathering outside the office.

Having successfully adapted to remote work we regularly organize team meetings and gatherings. This helps us maintain our team spirit, and at the end of the past week, we came together for a mini team building event aimed precisely at that.

Our goal wasn't just to assemble and work on our communication and teamwork skills, but to do so in an attractive and interesting way. Something that would leave a pleasant memory and a new experience. And that's how the idea of visiting an escape room was born.

Which Escape Rooms Did We Visit?

Our team has gathered at different places, played various team games, but this time the idea was quite different and turned out to be quite exciting. The surprise was initiated by the management at Stenik, and the entire team visited two escape rooms in Sofia.

Divided into several teams, we sequentially visited the rooms "The Secret of Cryptos" and "The Madness of the Genius." Many of us hadn't experienced an escape room before, and this adventure definitely reshaped our perception of the term "game." The two rooms were highly intriguing and distinct from our previous gatherings. For one afternoon, all of us transformed from eCommerce specialists into true inspectors and ingenious professors.

Apart from having hearty laughter, this mini team building helped us enhance our communication with one another. Each of us showcased our strengths and together combined them to tackle the tasks and puzzles set before us.

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As a finale, we concluded the exciting day with a delicious dinner at the nearby restaurant Victoria, where we discussed and shared our impressions of the experience. Of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to raise a toast and share some personal anecdotes and stories.

What Did Our Colleagues Share?

Here's what our colleagues had to say about the experience in their own words:

The escape room was surprisingly fun and interesting for me! I'd love to go again! If we manage to gather more frequently – all the better!

Lara, Account Manager @Stenik


This was my first time visiting an escape room, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm very satisfied. I really like these kinds of mini team building events – they break the routine and allow us to see each other outside of work hours.

Veselin, Front-end Developer @Stenik


The escape room was a fantastic idea because, besides being entertaining, it fosters teamwork, which I believe is a crucial part of an event like Team Building.

Yulian, Support specialist @Stenik

We look forward to the next team-building eagerly.

Not long ago, we visited Trigrad, hiked through Vitosha Mountain, and immersed ourselves in the rich history of  Panagyurishte. We can't wait for the upcoming surprise. We're eagerly anticipating the big annual team-building event, and until then, we'll continue to gather for smaller ones. Keep a close eye on our blog to be the first to learn about our next team adventure!


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