Faster and easier creation of user profiles through integration of Facebook & Gmail login. Increase the percentage of registrations in your online store.


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Faster and easier creation of user profiles through integration of Facebook & Gmail login. Increase the percentage of registrations in your online store.

The trend towards simplifying the user interface in online stores is booming every year. This saves time for consumers and allows them to concentrate on the most important thing - shopping. Reducing the actions that users need to take, improves their usability and experience in the online store. Consumers want to have it all easier, faster, and more securely.

What are the registrations for?

Creating an online store account aims to facilitate the re-purchase and future use of discounts and other preferences, as well as access to order history, changing personal data, adding additional shipping addresses, and more. Once the user has registered with the online store, you do not have to enter your details every time you want to order.

Avoid tedious, long forms of registration in which users have to fill dozens of data rows. Often, users have difficulty and simply refuse to waste time filling up countless fields in the form. This inconvenience can cause them to leave the e-shop directly and give up their orders. To meet the needs of e-shop visitors, you can give them the opportunity to shop as guests or register quickly and easily by pressing a button.

Facebook login

Ability for users to create their e-shop accounts and log in through their Facebook profile. Required data is retrieved from FB, and additional data (such as delivery address) that is not available must be manually filled in by the user. You can place the Facebook sign in many places in the e-store to encourage users to create a new account easily. How it works? At Stenik we integrated a Facebook login module into a number of Magento stores of our customers. When the user is logged in to FB by clicking the button, the module automatically retrieves the personal information from its social profile - an email address and a password. If at this point it is not yet logged in to FB, the module redirects the user to the social network and only requires its email address and password to complete the step.

Google логин

The user will automatically log in to the online store based on their Google Account. Once the button is clicked, the module will automatically take personal information from its Google Account - an email address and password. After this step, the user is redirected to the page containing general profile information. It can be

complete and edit the available information in your personal account.

Benefits of integration of Facebook & Gmail login:

  • Encourages users to create an account;
  • Reduces the time for registration of the registration form;
  • Decreases drop-off and declined orders;
  • Users do not need to remember new passwords and accounts;
  • Gathering data from the online store's visitor's social profile: demographics, name, gender, education, verified email address, individual interests and tracking of their online store activities;
  • Increased engagement - Increases customer engagement while providing an easier and more friendly interface.

Stick to simplified form and ease of introduction

The online store should not burden users with unnecessary actions, but be functional and user-friendly. Most people already have all the information they need to fill in forms available on social networks, and it is logical to prefer to transfer it with a wedge. This is one of the factors that make social networking mandatory for all online stores.

With targeted work at Stenik, we do everything we can to develop and optimize the most profitable online stores by advising online merchants who are committed to developing and maintaining their online stores.

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