Checking availability in physical stores and selecting a preferred store by the user


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Checking availability in physical stores and selecting a preferred store by the user

If you are a retailer managing more than one physical store in the country, the following lines will pique your interest.


The majority of our clients fall into this category of merchants. That's why we have developed a Magento module that allows end-users of your online store to check product availability in different physical (offline) locations.

Store availability on product detail page

The availability check in physical stores gives each end-user in your online store the ability to inquire about the availability of a selected item in the company's various physical locations. With Stenik's availability module, this type of inquiry can be done directly on the product detail page for all of your store's locations.

The extension adds a button "See аvailability in stores" on the product detail page. When clicked, it displays a sorted list of physical locations, clearly indicating the two different statuses - whether the item is available or out of stock. The functionality works for simple products as well as configurable products - after selecting a specific option by the user (size, color, etc.).

User's preferred store selection

We found a way to facilitate users who have a preferred physical store to shop from. We enhanced the functionality of our inventory module for our clients from Temaх, who have multiple physical stores in the larger cities of the country.

We upgraded the standard store availability functionality by adding a pop-up for store selection. We displayed the link "Choose preferred store" (both in the website header and on the product detail page). When clicked, a pop-up appears, allowing users to select their favorite store. The choice is stored in the user session during shopping, so when entering the product detail page, the information whether the item is available in the selected store is automatically displayed - without overwhelming the user with unnecessary information.

The module also allows changing an already selected store.

Filtering by store availability in product listing

The Stenik inventory module provides another option for users - filtering products by store availability. In a specific category, the user can filter products based on their preferred physical store or stores, and accordingly, the product listing will display only the items available in those stores.

And how do your online users check availabilities?

The store availability checking module is applicable to our clients with Magento online stores, and it can be upgraded and customized according to your specific business needs. If you wish to take advantage of it, don't waste time and contact us or your Project Manager right away!


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