Stenik has developed integration for Magento 2 with the Glami platform for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece


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Stenik has developed integration for Magento 2 with the Glami platform for Bulgaria, Romania and Greece

At Stenik we have known Glami for years, as we have integrated it for online stores that used the Magento 1 platform. At that time, Glami did not yet had a version for Bulgaria. Now it's time to integrate with Magento 2. 

At Stenik, we respond quickly to the wishes and needs of our clients

We have received many inquiries from our clients with Magento 2 fashion online stores about Glami. So we decided to take things into our own hands and write a module for integration of Magento 2 online store with the fashion search engine Glami. Thus, the items of our customers can be quickly listed in the the corresponding version of Glami for  Bulgaria, Romania or Greece.

One of the main goals of our team is to offer our clients the right solutions that their online store needs. And at the right time! That is way our certified Magento specialists and programmers took on the task of implementing a Stenik module for the integration of Magento 2 with Glami. The process was precisely planned, and the good communication between Stenik and the Glami representative office for Bulgaria contributed to the overall result.

What does it take for a fashion online store to be listed in Glami?

If you have an online store in the fashion industry, you need to have a product feed (it may be based on the feed you use for remarketing on Facebook), and then add  the Stenik module for Magento 2, which implements Pixel for Glami. It allows you to easily track how many times each item has been viewed, how many times it has been added to the cart and how many times it has been purchased. All this helps online marketers in making various analyzes and marketing strategies

Our new module has already been successfully implemented for our client Teodor. The collections of the company with many years of experience and traditions in the production of men's clothing can now be seen on the Glami website for Bulgaria and Romania.

Read more about developing an online store from Stenik and a list of modules we have developed. In case you have additional questions about different modules or the overall expansion and maintenance of your online store, do not hesitate to contact us now!


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