How did Aiko achieve a 50% reduction in online processing time?


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How did Aiko achieve a 50% reduction in online processing time?

9 true stories, 18 speakers and 300+ networking opportunities aim to prove that together in e-commerce and online presence, we are stronger. Get ready for the upcoming event organized by our partners and friends from eCommerce Academy.

When and where?

As always, the professionalists from eCommerce Academy have prepared an extremely useful and interesting event entitled: Stronger TogetherThis year's e-commerce conference will be held on April 22 from 09:00 and will be entirely online.

How will Stenik get involved in the event?

As if by tradition, this year Stenik will be actively involved in the event, this time as a Gold Sponsor .

And that's not all. Dimitar Dimitrov, Commercial Director at Stenik, will be one of the 18 speakers in the program.

The presentation that we will present to the audience is a case study on "How did Aiko achieve a 50% reduction in online processing time?", as a guest speaker Valentin Dodov will attend, who is the IT manager of the furniture company.

The furniture giant Aiko is a real pride in Stenik's portfolio, and Dimitar will talk about the project together with Mr. Dodov, based on real situations and results. Don't miss the opportunity to find out how we managed to achieve complete optimization of the online orders, including the key reduction in the online processing time.

You will also hear...

Of course, Stenik's participation is only part of the colorful program of the event, which eCommnerce Academy has prepared. Among the topics and speakers you will find big names in online commerce in our country, as well as well-known and beloved brands.

Expect us!

If you haven't ordered your completely free ticket yet, don't waste any more time and do it here and now

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