Stenik with the first Hyvä store in Bulgaria: We migrated the Galen online pharmacy to Hyvä and Magento. #speed #fastness


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Stenik with the first Hyvä store in Bulgaria: We migrated the Galen online pharmacy to Hyvä and Magento. #speed #fastness

In our role as a trusted partner to our clients, we regularly upgrade their online stores by providing sustainable ideas and effective solutions. Our comprehensive approach involves studying the developments in the rapidly evolving online environment, adding value to our Magento projects. In early 2022, Stenik officially became the first partner of Hyvä in Bulgaria.

As Magento developers at Stenik, we closely follow the progress of Hyvä to stay up-to-date with all the news and advantages it offers. Our team tests and confirms its benefits to make e-commerce websites faster and enhance the user experience.

In 2022, the Galen online pharmacy migrated from standard Magento to Hyvä

In 2020, Galen pharmacies chose Stenik to launch their online sales of medicinal products and medical cosmetics. At the end of the same year, we developed a complete eCommerce solution for them. Over the past 2 years, we have continued to support them in their eCommerce journey by providing stable technical support.

In less than 2 years, Galen pharmacies became a recognized brand in the online space with leading market positions. We, therefore, proposed another improvement, suggesting a migration of their online store to the Hyvä storefront.

Our goals were:

  • Improving the website's speed;
  • Enhancing user experience to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to use the site;
  • Reducing bounce rate and increasing conversion rate;
  • Increasing sales percentages;

The results are visible on

Миграция на онлайн аптеки Гален на Hyva

What is Hyvä and why does it make online stores faster?

Hyvä comes from the Finnish language and literally means "good" and also "desirable" and "recommended".

Hyvä is a relatively new solution for the frontend of Magento 2, created from scratch as a new core theme. It comes from the Finnish language and literally means "good," as well as "desirable" and "recommended."

Advantages of Hyvä:

  1. Improved performance: Users experience lightning-fast loading times on every page, leading to better conversion rates (CR).
  2. Enhanced online shopping eexperience: Following the new standard for measuring e-commerce effectiveness and user experience, the creators of Hyvä redesigned the entire interface based on Google's trends and various indicators.
  3. Improved ranking and indexing in Google: The loading speed influences Google's bot crawling capacity, leading to faster indexing of content on faster websites.
  4. Excellent results with the Google Page Speed plugin: Improved metrics for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) - loading efficiency, First Input Delay (FID) - interactivity, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) - visual stability.

Stenik is the first Hyvä partner in Bulgaria

Hyvä has listed its partners from around the world on its official page.

Stenik е първият официален партньор на Hyva в България

Since our initial communication with Hyvä, we have been delighted with their prompt response to any questions we have had, giving us confidence that they are there to assist in case of any issues, customer requests, or improvements.
We will gladly continue our collaboration to offer even more Hyvä-compatible extensions to our clients in the future!

We are also grateful for the personal attention and greetings we received for the upcoming holidays. :)

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Do you want a faster online store with integrated Hyvä?

If you have any additional questions regarding the migration of your online store to the Hyvä storefront, don't hesitate to contact us right away! Of course, we are also available if you need the development of an entirely new online store with Magento or platform migration.

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