Goods on leasing in your online store through the leasing module for installment payments from BNP Paribas, TBI Bank, DSK Bank, and Unicredit Bulbank


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Goods on leasing in your online store through the leasing module for installment payments from BNP Paribas, TBI Bank, DSK Bank, and Unicredit Bulbank

Leasing payment extension in your magento online store

A significant portion of our clients in our portfolio are large retailers, whose products often offer the option of purchasing with installment payments. Therefore, it was important for us to implement a way to facilitate their end customers by incorporating convenient leasing calculators, allowing different items to be paid for in installments.

From which banks can we implement installment payments?

For our clients with operating Magento 2 online stores, we have developed modules for installment payments with four well-known banking institutions in the country. Specifically, these are: BNP Paribas, TBI Bank, DSK Bank, and Unicredit Bulbank.

These modules allow price calculation in a similar manner, based on predefined formulas, and all this information is displayed on the product detail page in the form of an informative table with monthly installments.

Next to it, the end customer has easy and intuitive access, directly next to the "Add to Cart" button.

The "Buy with Installment" / Leasing Calculator button also displays the table from the respective banking institution. It shows the amount of monthly installments based on the different possible periods for installment payments for the given product.

The leasing payment modules developed by Stenik display the monthly installments as a payment method in the checkout when completing the order.

Combined leasing calculator

A significant advantage of the modules developed by us is that they can be easily combined, including all four available in one view with different tabs on the product detail page. This gives the end-user the freedom to choose their preferred banking institution.

This capability has been successfully implemented in the online stores of many of our clients for whom we have integrated leasing calculators, such as: 

Whether one, several, or all extensions are implemented, they function intuitively on both desktop and mobile versions.

Are you nterested in installment payments for your online store?

If you haven't yet offered installment payments for products in your online store, don't hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will provide you with more information and guidance.

Explore the rest of the articles on our blog to learn about other solutions we've implemented for our clients.

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