Lilly Drogerie chose Stenik to launch its online sales in Bulgaria


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Lilly Drogerie chose Stenik to launch its online sales in Bulgaria

Drugstore chain Lily Bulgaria offers decorative and white cosmetics, bio products, hair care products, mother and baby products, accessories, household chemicals, nutritional supplements and many more products of proven brands such as AVENT, BOURJOIS, GARNIER, LLUMS, NIVEA .. Currently, there are more than 80 physical stores in the country operating in the Lilly Drogerie chain, the first of which opened in Sofia in 2010.

Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria trusts Stenik for its first online store and redesign of its corporate website

Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria needed to develop their first online store and redesign their corporate website to fit the chain's image and directly communicate with each other, providing their users with convenience and security. For the correct implementation of the two projects, Lilly searched a trusted and stable partner, able to absorb their capacity and unleash their full potential. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we share that for this purpose Lilly Drogerie chose Stenik!

Key points and functionalities in the development of both projects

In the article we will look at the way the two projects are interconnected, some of the main functionalities realized in their development and the result achieved.

Common points

United in the same design and with a direct connection to each other, the two projects incorporate the corporate identity of Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria. With a clear functional difference, the two projects reflect one goal - maximum user convenience and commitment. One click away divides the online store from the website and vice versa. In both projects, we relied on precisely selected and synchronized categories, retained the company's distinctive features and combined with an intuitive interface .

  • Online shop for Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria

    With a wide range of brands and items available, the online shop behind the domain had to be a well-oiled "machine" of a set of features that would facilitate not only users but the entire administration panel . An engaging task, the responsibility of which is the responsibility of both the entire Stenik team and the Lilly team, whose combined efforts and teamwork have yielded more than excellent results at present and a steadily increasing number of orders and satisfied online users.

    We launched the first online Lilly Drogerie online store on the Magento platform, and of course we relied on the current one, Magento 2. Our Magento Certified Specialists have paid attention to all the details, and here are some of the key functionalities that they have implemented to ensure the success of the online store:

    • Dynamic Categories - First we start with the categories in the online store. They are precisely tailored to meet the needs of users. The products are cleverly grouped, and the left navigation is saturated with filters that meet a variety of consumer needs.
    • Smart Sphinx Search Engine - To make it easier for consumers to shop and help them find the product they want in the wide range of products available, we have implemented the Sphinx smart search engine. It illustrates items by given parts of a word, category or brand. What is more, for the result to be optimal, the products are divided into categories and top searches.

  • ERP Synchronization - All products in the online ERP synchronized online store, ensuring constant price and availability updates. The constant flow of orders and offline sales creates the need for security for the user of the selected item, which is why this "point" was crucial for the successful realization of the store.
  • Affiliation with the Lilly Club Loyalty Program - Shopping online is directly related to Lilly Drogerie's loyalty program. We implemented a module whereby any purchase of a registered user holding a loyalty card card could be made possible by deducting a certain "amount" according to the dependent "flowers" accumulated in the card. In addition, there is also a direct link to the website here , where users can request a new card if they do not have one. And that's not all, the cards created and / or used in the online store are synchronized with the physical plastics and maintain a constantly up-to-date balance of flowers, and the requested online cards for new users can be obtained locally at any physical site of Lilly Drogerie !
  • News & Related Products - This is the other important and distinctive component for the store. We have directly linked the News section to specific, affected products. Thus, by reading an article about current lipstick trends, for example, the user can find a specific product mentioned and / or related to the article.


  • Other Products - We also implemented dynamic blocks based on products in the same category.
  • Redesign of corporate web site for Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria

    As we have already commented and outlined, the link between the online store and the corporate website for Lilly Drogerie is direct. Identical design is just one of the components that "regulates" their total value and dependency.

    We achieved the redesign success by building the website of the content management system - Stenik CMS. In this way, we first guaranteed stability and security while at the same time easily transferring content to a rich feature - Stenik CMS .

    Here are some of the key actions we have taken to ensure that the website not only reflects Lily's vision, mission and goals, but also correctly communicates with the online store:

      • Integration with the Lilly Club Loyalty Program - A little earlier in the article, we mentioned that the online store allows for a request for a Lilly loyalty program. This is precisely by transferring the user to the web site where the request form is located. Something more! Every existing Lilly Club physical card that is verified in the online store is synchronized with the online orders of the given user and vice versa. This way, one can store accumulated flowers from online purchases as well as from physical stores!
  • Brochure with up-to-date promotions and special offers - To keep consumers informed, we have put together a virtual version of your favorite brochures for monthly discounts and special offers. In this way, everyone has the opportunity to receive real-time information on current offers and to view an archive of past campaigns. And to make it as easy as possible for the consumer, just one click on a product in the brochure separates it from the purchase of an item, or put another way - in Lilly the brochure can link products to the online store!

  • Physical Stores Visualization - We implemented a dynamic map showing the locations of all physical Lilly Drogerie across the country. For maximum convenience and convenience, we have set the option to select a city .
  • Lilly's Trademarks - Only Lilly's trademarks are featured on the company's corporate website only.
  • Complete information about Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria is easily accessible - The new Lilly Drogerie website for the country offers all about the company , its partners and career opportunities. A news section and a simplified contact form are available to users so that the website meets all user needs.

Two projects for Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria, one big win for Stenik!

For the whole team of Stenik it was above all an honor and a real pleasure to be a part of the development of an online store and corporate website for Lilly Drogerie Bulgaria! The efforts we made paid off as soon as the site was launched in a real environment and the first orders were not late. The results are visible, and the Stenik team continues to ensure the flawless presentation of the two projects developed and to monitor their relevance and customer satisfaction.

If you also need a trusted partner for your online store or website, feel free to contact us to work together for your satisfied customers and growing orders!

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