Magento Module BNP Consumer Credit Parity in your e-shop.


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Magento Module BNP Consumer Credit Parity in your e-shop.

Want to offer your customers all possible payment methods? Do you think your goods are priced at high prices and predict buying them on a deferred payment? At STENIK we have a solution! We developed a BNP Paribas leasing module for online stores based on Magento Community 1.9 . Already online shoppers will be able to benefit from the conditions of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance, by purchasing their chosen goods.

What is a BNP Paribas Leasing Calculator and what does it mean for online merchants?

BNP Paribas Personal Finance is undisputed leader in the credit market. The Leasing Calculator allows users to calculate their online monthly installments and choose the most optimal repayment term. Payout schemes are formed in relation to the price of the product and according to the initial payment made by the customer. The application is made electronically only via the online store by clicking on the button "Buy on payment" in the basket, followed by a procedure established by the bank.

What is our Magento module for building a BNP Paribas Lease Calculator?

The module we developed in STENIK offers an option to pay an order using a BNP Paribas leasing calculator . The expansion can add a "BUY PAY" button to a detailed product page and calculate different payment options for the bank depending on the number of installments. The customer selects one of the options and fills in personal data, which is then automatically sent from the online store to the bank for prior approval. The module is built with all BNP Paribas Bulgaria requirements and conditions.

How does our BNP Paribas credit calculator module work?

Administrator capabilities:

  • The Administrator has the option of choosing which products he wants to have with the Leasing Calculator purchase option ;
  • Ability to process an order in the administration to notify BNP Paribas through a transaction email with the order details;
  • Turning on or off the module (option to start or stop the module);
  • Select Percentage Percentage% Per Month (The Administrator has the option of choosing which products he wants to add Lease%);

User interaction capabilities

  • In the shopping process, users can see and interact with the assets buttons that appear in a detailed product page and in the basket;


  • With the aid of the BNP Paribas Lease Calculator, the users can calculate how much the monthly payment will be for the selected merchandise, depending on the chosen payout period / number of installments /;


  • In the "Total amount of credit" line, the user can see how much the credit is increased at a given payout period. "APR", "GLP" and "Monthly Installments" fields are automatically filled in with the initial payment specified by the client;
  • For application, fill in personal information in the fields - Name, PIN, E-mail and Phone.

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Add the BNP Paribas leasing calculator to your Magento online store now!

From STENIK, we can offer you consulting, installing and configuring a BNP Paribas payout purchase module for your Magento online store. Contact us for an offer and more information.

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