Integration of eMAG and Magento online shop with a module from STENIK - Successful synchronization for your online business


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Integration of eMAG and Magento online shop with a module from STENIK - Successful synchronization for your online business

At STENIK, we develop profitable online stores for all our partners daily, advising them to make various improvements and build on their electronic stores.

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STENIK has provided an additional opportunity for every Magento Online Store - Product Synchronization with We have told you about the advantages and opportunities of integration last year in the STENIK advice article we published on our blog. Our team of developers successfully integrated the module for leading online stores from different industries, which definitely increased their sales growth.

STENIK module for Magento for synchronization with

Our certified Magento developers have developed an integration module between the Magento online store and the eMAG platform. Development and integration require a great deal of experience and knowledge of the structure of, which we of STENIK definitely have and we can pass on to our customers.

Advantages of a module developed by Stenik:

  • The module makes it possible to synchronize products in the online store with selected categories of eMAG;
  • Automatically creates products in eMAG;
  • Synchronizes prices and availability over a certain period of time by submitting information from Magento to eMAG;
  • Minimizes the manual work of your internet shop administrators.

How long does it take to integrate?

The conversion period can be determined depending on the number of categories the online merchant wants to submit to eMAG. Initial installation and alignment of the first category may take a 1-2 week period, with the client's primary commitment to submit the attributes that require eMAG to describe the product in the appropriate category. Of course, each of our clients will receive a quick response from us, thanks to our good partnering relationship with eMAG and well-coordinated work. Our team is available to any online merchant who owns a Magento online store, even if it is not a Stenik customer.

Want to sell more online?

Trust Stenik for the benefit of your business!

Write us or call us 0 888 70 10 19 - Stenik professionals will help you with the best solutions for developing your online store and will provide you with complete information on the integration of a synchronization module between a Magento online store and If you are interested in trends in eCommerce and the best integration to improve your e-shop, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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