Magento module for payment with ОBB Virtual POS Terminal (ОBB) integrated in your online store


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Magento module for payment with ОBB Virtual POS Terminal (ОBB) integrated in your online store

More and more online consumers use their credit or widely used debit cards to pay for their orders online. About two-thirds of consumers use debit cards for shopping primarily because of the convenience they provide. Customers of every online store in our country appreciate the high convenience and flexibility that electronic payments bring to their shopping process. In response to consumer needs, STENIK has developed a ready and stable solution - a module for payment with a virtual POS terminal through UBB (United Bulgarian Bank), which has been successfully integrated into several award-winning online stores based on Magento Community 1.9. In the process, we also created a separate module for the latest version of Magento 2.

What is the virtual POS terminal of UBB and how does it benefit online merchants?

United Bulgarian Bank offers all e-shop owners a vPOS terminal that provides card payment processing. To accept payments with the terminal, the e-merchant must first sign a contract with UBB bank. The bank is an intermediary in the payment processing between the customer and the merchant. Payment involves an electronic transfer of funds between the buyer's and seller's accounts. UBB's POS terminal allows you to make payments through another method - online by card, which, respectively, increases the sales of the online store. Popular types of bank cards whose payments are accepted by UBB include: Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Transcard.

What does our Magento module for online payments through UBB represent?

The module for payment with a virtual POS terminal through UBB is a stable solution developed by our Magento programmers to provide secure electronic payments for all online stores. The extension for payment through the UBB bank system is the technical link between the e-store and the "virtual POS terminal" service offered by UBB.

How does our module for UBB virtual POS terminal work?

To provide your customers with the option to pay for their orders with credit and debit cards, this module is a universal solution for that purpose.

  1. The user forms their order in the online store, then finalizes it in the shopping cart, following the order steps and selecting "Payment by card" from the menu;
  2. When choosing this payment method during shopping, the user will be redirected to UBB's secure page, where they need to enter their card details (number, expiration date, 3-digit security code if available, cardholder's name). For cardholder identification, the e-commerce payment server of the servicing bank supports authentication schemes of international card organizations;
  3. After clicking the "Submit" button, the user is returned to the online store, where the payment status and order acceptance are visualized. When paying by card, the user deposits an amount equal to the value of the placed order, and only after the deposit transaction is confirmed are the ordered goods and services delivered.

Add the module for payment with a virtual POS terminal to your Magento online store now!

From STENIK, we can offer you consulting, installation, and configuration of the module for payment through UBB for your Magento online store. Contact us for an offer and more information.

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