Engage users on your online store with the "Wheel of Fortune"


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Engage users on your online store with the "Wheel of Fortune"

In the era of interactive services and dynamic competition in online business, the ability to provide your customers with a unique and engaging experience becomes a significant advantage. To turn your online store into a preferred shopping destination, you need not only competitive prices, quality products, and a seamlessly functioning e-store but also a stimulus that not only attracts but also retains your customers by engaging them in interesting and fun activities. At present, one of the effective ways to achieve this goal is by using interactive elements that continuously fuel the interest of users. The "Wheel of Fortune" module successfully fulfills this function.

Enhance user experience for Your online store

"Wheel of fortune" is an alternative to the well-known newsletter subscription, offering various variations of rewards to encourage users to sign up for the newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter, users have the opportunity to spin the virtual "Wheel of Fortune" and win various discounts, rewards, or special offers and deals, creating a fun experience within your online store. This promotional tool effectively engages customers while motivating them to make purchases.

"Wheel of fortune"

After receiving inquiries and interest from several clients for similar functionality, we developed the "Wheel of fortune" module, first implemented in the online store - Sid-shop.com. Introducing the new functionality required specific technical configurations and integration to fully meet the brand identity of S&D and the user needs and expectations. Our programmers, eCommerce consultants, and design team ensured that the new functionality not only meets technical requirements but also harmoniously fits into the store's overall visual appearance. "Wheel of fortune" provides an opportunity for users of the alcohol online store to have fun and gain discounts. Now, S&D customers can enjoy an interactive experience and entertainment, making their shopping more cost-effective.

Module capabilities"Wheel of fortune"

The module offers a range of possibilities to help you personalize and adapt the interactive game according to your needs, marketing strategies, and brand identity:

  • Determining where and how the wheel will be visualized - on a separate page or through a popup window on the site;
  • Personalizing the design of the spinning wheel, e.g., color, text alignment, background, and other elements;
  • Configuring various discounts and rewards that customers can win by spinning the wheel;
  • Managing the number of spins for a single user and the speed at which the wheel rotates;
  • Determining the period during which the game will be accessible in your e-store.

Benefits of the "Spin and Win" game for online retailers

Integrating the module into your Magento store can bring multiple benefits that enhance customer experience and increase sales:

  • Engage Users: Create a fun and interactive experience that captures users attention and keeps them longer in your online store;
  • Increase Sales: The special game generates more interest in your products and encourages customers to return and make purchases;
  • Improve User Experience: The integrated game adds a fun aspect to shopping, making it more interesting;
  • More Loyal Customers: Encourage repeat purchases and long-term loyalty through the exciting game and special discounts;
  • Increase Email Subscribers: Expand the contact database by registering participants in the game;
  • More Effective Marketing Strategies and Campaigns: Gather data on customer preferences and behavior through analysis;
  • Personalized and Targeted Promotions: Customize the design of the wheel and the game to various marketing strategies and goals;
  • Device Adaptability: The extension is designed to work seamlessly on various devices - from mobile and tablets to desktop computers.

How does the "Wheel of fortune" game work?

1. Game information: When visiting the e-store, customers receive information about the Wheel of fortune game through a pop-up window, banner, or on a specific page where the game is available.

2. Easy registration: Users can quickly register to participate in the game by entering their name and email.

3. Spin the Wheel: After successfully entering the necessary data, users have the opportunity to spin the virtual "Wheel of fortune". This is done by pressing a button and consenting to being subscribed to the newsletter.

4. Result and reward: The virtual wheel spins and stops at a randomly determined position where customers can win various discounts, prizes, special offers, and attractive deals.

5. Winning information: The wheel stops, and a special window appears on the screen with detailed information about the result after participation.

6. Sending the reward: Information about the won prize, such as a percentage discount, promo code, or a specific product, is sent to the participant via email. The messages include instructions on how to use the discounts for the next purchase or claim the reward.

Would you like to add this feature to Your online store?

If you need additional information or wish to integrate the "Wheel of fortune" module into your online store, contact our Support department or your personal Project Manager. They are available to consult and assist with the integration. We are ready to customize the module's appearance to match your online store and requirements.

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