Stenik developed a connector between ERP SelMatic and Magento


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Stenik developed a connector between ERP SelMatic and Magento

In the last four years in Stenik we have worked together with Selmatic on several joint projects for large offline retailers that expand their business online. The work was related to the development of full integration between Magento-based online stores and Selmatic's ERP system. Tasks were responsible for clients such as Orange Center, Tempo stores, Giulian watches and jewelry boutiques, and Bobo Zander clothing boutiques. Strenuous work and built partnerships led to a logical continuation, and in 2018 in Stenik we completed our work on a connector between the Selmatic ERP system and our Magento-based solution.

What is a connector between ERP and an online store?

The connector is an out-of-the-box software that connects two different systems: the ERP system and the online store. The connector allows full integration of the ERP and the internet store, which is expressed in:

  • automatic creation of products in the direction of ERP in the online store
  • automatic tracking of stocks and quantities in the direction of ERP in the online store
  • automatically updating prices in the direction of ERP in the online store
  • automatic order delivery in the online store to ERP
  • automatic creation and synchronization of customers (with all their data) in the direction of ERP to the online store and vice versa
  • other automation and reporting.

Dreamly, right?

What is the benefit for the customer (online merchant) from the connector?

The benefit is primarily for merchants who decide to use an ERP solution and synchronize their processes with those in the online store. This is usually a long and complex project that includes a lot of specification, fitting and not a little technical work and tests. That's why an automatic connector between an ERP system and an online store is sophisticated for plug-and-play software and Stenik is proud to have one. If a client decides to launch a large store and use ERP Selmatic, it can for a much shorter time get a full integration between the system and a Magento online store. If the online merchant has not yet selected an ERP system or is willing to replace the current one, this connector can greatly facilitate its choice because it provides not only a foundation but also a complete solution. Because, after all, every business wants to have an ERP-integrated online store at a lower price and for a shorter time, right?

Need to make or redesign your online store? Or integration with ERP at your online store?

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