Magento payment module via BORICA in an online store. Virtual POS Terminal for SiBank, UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank, Allianz Bank and CCB


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Magento payment module via BORICA in an online store. Virtual POS Terminal for SiBank, UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank, Allianz Bank and CCB

Bank card purchases and payments on the Internet are increasing monthly and at a very fast pace, which has set many online merchants to provide a way of online card payment for their customers. At STENIK, we have developed a payment module with a virtual POS terminal through the BORICA system , which has been successfully integrated into a number of winning online maggies based on Magento Community 1.9.

What is a virtual POS terminal through BORICA and what is it for online merchants?

BORICA is a licensed payment service system by the BNB. The system provides for payments with bank cards on the Internet, issued by local banks on the territory of Bulgaria. The virtual POS allows every online merchant to receive credit or debit card payments directly through his online store. For integration, it is necessary for the online trader to choose a bank (CIBank, UniCredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank, Allianz Bank and CCB), which offers the Virtual POS terminal service and uses the BORICA system . To add this functionality to the e-store owner first   must conclude a contract with a specific bank, then set its desire to develop and integrate a module of technical specialists.

What is our Magento module for online payments via BORICA?

The module developed by STENIK is an excellent solution for online merchants who want to enable their customers to safely and securely secure their orders through credit and debit cards - Borika, Euroline, Maestro, Master Card, Visa Electron, Visa Classic. The expansion is the technical link between Magento's online store and the "virtual POS" service offered by banks. The module generates all the necessary certificates to make secure payments, making it the easiest way to configure the system.

How does our BORICA Virtual Terminal module work?

  • The user generates an order in the online store, then chooses "Payment with a card" when making the order;


  • After reviewing and confirming the order, the customer is referred to the electronic system of BORICA, where he inserts the details of his bank card;


  • After selecting the "Pay" button, the user returns to the online store where the status of the payment is displayed;


Add the Virtual Terminal Payment Module to your Magento Online Store now!

From STENIK we can offer consulting, installing and configuring a BORICA payment module for your Magento online store. Contact us for an offer and more information.

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