Magento Module for TBI Bank Leasing and Leasing Calculator for your online stores. Customers prefer goods to pay off!


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Magento Module for TBI Bank Leasing and Leasing Calculator for your online stores. Customers prefer goods to pay off!

Increase the speed of your online store - sell your merchandise and pay off

A number of online marketers feel the need to offer as a way of paying for more expensive goods the opportunity to pay credit to their users to meet their needs. Choosing the best solution and eCommerce technical professionals to realize this functionality is extremely important to be successful online high-turnover traders. Working constantly for Bulgarian companies in Stenik we are deeply acquainted with the needs of every online trader. That's why we've developed a number of individual Magento modules that build on the platform and make it easier for customers and administrators to work. This is why STENIK has provided an additional opportunity for every Magento online shop by creating a Stenik TBI Bank modulethat adds pay- to- sales features through a TBI Bank Leasing Calculator .

What is a Leasing Calculator from TBI Bank and what is it for online merchants?

The Stenik TBI Bank Module represents the technical link between the Magento Community 1.9- based store and the TBI Bank Leasing Calculator. Our certified programmers team developed the module, based on TBI, to meet their stringent requirements on pay-to-sell technology. How does this module improve your online store? By integrating the leasing module into your e-store, you will provide:

  • Option for users to opt for payment method "Lease payment" for all goods over a certain amount of payment;
  • Predefined Calculator Payment Plans vs. Product Price and Customer Selected Terms (Number of Installments);
  • Customer receives the goods as soon as he / she has completed and sent the following documents and received approval.

How does our leasing module and TBI Bank leasing calculator work?

Administrator capabilities:

  • Ability to set a minimum or maximum amount when buying for a "Payment method" visualization;
  • Turn on or off the module (option to start or stop the operation of the TBI Bank module);
  • Select Percentage Percentage% Per Month (The Administrator has the option of choosing which products he wants to add Lease%);
  • Monthly and numeric value setting for GLP;
  • Terms and Conditions (possibility to change the "Terms of Online Buy for Credit with TBI Bank" file).

User interaction capabilities

In the shopping process, users can see and interact with the assets buttons that are displayed in a detailed product page and in the basket. The "Buy on credit" buttons are only for consumers for products whose price is above the stated base price. The design of the buttons shown is consistent with the standard Magento theme , and if it is necessary to customize your Magento e-shop settings , it is possible.

 Product detail page

  1. On a detailed page of an administrator-specified product, an additional button appears to allow users to get acquainted with the various leasing schemes;


  1. When selecting the Buy on Credit button, the module displays a product leasing lever in a separate tab or pop-up window. The calculator provides the opportunity to calculate the contributions according to the TBI rules for their calculation.


On the first line of the calculator, the customer can see the payout period - the range of choice for the number of months for which the product can be paid may be different. When an amount is entered in the field for the initial installment, the "Monthly Installment", "Total Credit Amount" and "APR" areautomatically changed and recalculated. So the client can see the "Monthly Installment" that he will pay each month until the end of the loan. There is a checkbox in the form of which the client gives his consent to TBI Bank to process his / her personal data and indicates that he / she has become acquainted with the TBI Application Terms.

 Basket / Checkout process

Adding to your shopping cart via the "Buy on credit" button in the checkbox will not automatically select a "On credit" payment method, and the user will have to choose it yourself; In the checkout process of completing an order the capabilities of the user are:

  • Step 1: Completing the delivery address data from the customer is automatically transferred to the lease fields;
  • In step 3, "Payment method", the user must choose "Purchase with TBI Bank" By selecting the check, the client goes to the next purchase stage "Filling in Personal Data";
  • A form of TBI Bank application form is provided to fill in the data required by the Bank for the Bank.The data required for TBI Bank are as follows: and currency, PIN, e-mail and telephone


By selecting the "Finalizing order" button , the data filled in by the customer is sent to the administrative email address. The user receives a visual confirmation of the sent request, which appears automatically after sending. After receiving the necessary data from the customer to perform the purchase procedure, you will perform the necessary steps according to the procedure specified by the TBI and the online trader.Our team of developers successfully integrated the module for leading online stores from different industries , which definitely increased their sales growth. Expansion development and the integration of the module require a lot of experience and knowledge of the Magento platform, which we of STENIK definitely have and can deliver to our customers.

Why choose modules developed by STENIK?

Magento Commerce is a flexible ecommerce platform that offers merchants complete freedom and control over the interface, content and functionality of their online stores. That's why every online retailer must be well aware of the opportunities and improvements that can be made to build and upgrade your store online and turn it into a preferred shopping destination for its users. At STENIK, we develop profitable online stores for all our partners daily, advising them to make various enhancements and extensions, and build on their e-shops.

Add the Leasing and Leasing Calculator from TBI Bank to your Magento Online Store now!

Contact us for information and individual offer. If you need additional functionality for your e-shop, use our contact options, and we will advise you and help you develop your online store.

About the author:

dobi-author-photo Dobi Parvova

Dobi Parvova works as a Marketing Manager at Stenik. She joined the team in 2015, having completed her degrees in "Public Relations" and "Advertising and Public Communications" at Sofia University. She channels her entire creative potential into areas such as PR, content & creative, corporate communications, social media, partner relations, and client.



  • Teodor Zahariev


    Кога ще видим направения модул на сайта на нашите общи клиенти и ще се възползваме от ползите, които той дава на потребителите. Страхотна работа на екипа на Стеник :)

    • Stefan Chorbanov


      Модулът е инсталиран и работи, а сайтът на клиента е онлайн. Сега ние в Stenik сме в очакване да върнете жеста и да ни подадете ваш клиент към нас.

  • Димитър


    Може ли да се закупи модула за М2, на каква цена?

    • Stefan Chorbanov, Stenik


      Здравейте, все още не сме разработили модул за TBI за Magento 2. До кокото имам информация самите TBI мисля, че предлагат такъв модул и може да използвате него, но не сме работили с него и не знаем как функционира.

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