Magento Leasing and Leasing Calculator from UniCredit for calculating a merchandise credit in your e-shop.


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Magento Leasing and Leasing Calculator from UniCredit for calculating a merchandise credit in your e-shop.

The share of payout sales has grown in recent years. Consumers choose to buy on a lease because of the speed and convenience of the service or the need to quickly resolve financial difficulties.

The ability to pay in e-shops increases sales more than once. At STENIK, we have developed a UniCredit Leasing and Leasing Calculator that has been successfully integrated into winning online stores based on Magento Community 1.9 .

What is UniCredit's Virtual Leasing Calculator and what is it for Online Merchants?

UniCredit Consumer Financing offers a modern, fast, and convenient way to pay for online payments by a leased calculator integrated in the online store. The calculator allows users to calculate their monthly installments themselves and choose the most optimal repayment term. Payout schemes are formed in relation to the price of the product and according to the customer's chosen terms (number of installments).The application is made: only electronically, via the website only, by clicking on the button "On payment with credit" followed by a procedure established by the bank.

What is our Magento module for building a UniCredit Leasing Calculator?

The module we created in STENIK to buy a payment for goods has a built-in UniCredit calculator to help the users of each Magneto e-shop have the opportunity to apply for a lease of their chosen goods . In order to use the online module, the merchant must sign a contract with UniCredit Consumer Financing .When an integrated module is available in the online maggie, the administrator can choose which products he wants to add leases%. Just by pressing a "Bite on Credit" button on a detailed Leasing product page, a separate window opens, displaying the amount of the contributions according to the product value and the selected payment period. The user makes his / her choice and applies for the purchase of his / her order on credit.

How does our UniCredit product credit calculation module work?

The deferred payment module with UniCredit is as easy as possible for both customers and owners of Magento Online Shop. Meet the advantages of the module:

  • The extension allows the owner of the online store to set a maximum and minimum order amount for which the deferred payment applies;
  • Full details of the order made with deferred payment are available in the administration panel - customer data, selected products, order value;
  • Leasing calculator providing calculation of payout schemes against the product price and according to the customer's chosen terms (number of installments);


  • The convenience for your customers who will shop on a payoff without getting off your computer quickly and easily;
  • Simplified documentation - only the filling in of personal data is required when applying ;

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  • The customer receives the goods as soon as he / she has completed and sent the above mentioned data and received the approval of the credit.

Add the UniCredit leasing calculator to your Magento online store now!

From STENIK we can offer you consulting, installing and configuring a UniCredit payment module for your Magento online store. Contact us for an offer and more information.

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