Magento module for payment with Fibank Virtual POS terminal (FIB), integrated in online store


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Magento module for payment with Fibank Virtual POS terminal (FIB), integrated in online store

Online shopping with bank cards provides convenience in the payment process for the online store. Customers increasingly choose the option of card payment, which makes it easier and saves them time. At STENIK, we have developed a payment module with a virtual POS terminal through Fibank (First Investment Bank), which has been successfully integrated into numerous online stores based on Magento Community 1.9.

What is the virtual POS terminal of FIB and how does it benefit online merchants?

Fibank is an innovative and customer-oriented credit institution that offers a diverse range of products and services for both individual and corporate clients. First Investment Bank (FIB) provides a fast, secure, and efficient way to accept online payments with debit and credit cards through a virtual POS terminal. The system can accept payments from several types of cards, further facilitating direct payment and the purchase process for online consumers. With this working logic, the merchant does not need to store and process sensitive information (card numbers, CVC code, etc.). An important condition is for the owner of the e-shop to sign a contract for a virtual POS terminal with FIB, after which STENIK can assist with the integration and configuration of the module.

What does our Magento module for online payments through FIB represent?

The module developed by STENIK is an excellent solution for online merchants who want to offer their customers the opportunity to pay for their orders securely and protected through credit cards - MasterCard and Visa and debit cards Diners. The extension represents the technical link between the Magento online store and the "virtual POS terminal" service offered by FIB. The module generates all the necessary certificates for secure transactions, making the process as easy as possible.

How does our module for FIB virtual POS terminal work?

  1. The user generates an order in the online store, and when placing it in the shopping cart, selects "Payment by card" as the payment method;
  2. After successfully forming the order, the customer is redirected to the payment page, where the form of the banking system with fields for entering card details is displayed;mazhko-sivo-dolnishte-s-prelivane-na-tsveta-marshall-it140317-72-31
  3. The user must enter their card details;

4. After clicking the "Pay" button, the user returns to the online store, where the payment status is visualized;

Add the virtual POS terminal payment module to your Magento online store now!

STENIK can offer you consulting, installation, and configuration of the FIB payment module for your Magento online store. Contact us for an offer and more information.

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  • Алекс


    Здравейте. Какви са банкови таксите за плащане през виртуален ПОС терминал? Тази услуга е подходяща за сайтове на Wordpress? Благодаря предварително.

    • Стефан Чорбанов


      Здравейте, банковите такси може да разберете, когато запитате съответната банка, от която желаете постерминал. Услугата е подходяща и за WordPress, но важно е да намерите подходящ модул за ПИБ за тази платформа. В Stenik предлагаме само модули за Magento.

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