Organic Stores Be Fit with a new online store from Stenik. On Magento 2!


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Organic Stores Be Fit with a new online store from Stenik. On Magento 2!

Despite our hectic daily routine, we are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. Interest in useful organic foods and cosmetics has increased every year. If you are one of the users who are looking for the best for themselves or their family, then you will like this project :)

Be Fit or Live in Form is a company with an attitude and focus on select health products. The company has two physical drugstores Be Fit in Sofia, offering a wide range of products - paraformation, natural and medical cosmetics, diet and organic foods.

Problems with Be Fit?

Be Fit was eager to develop beyond the capabilities of the current LiveCart system on which their online store was developed. Realizing the need to change the platform, they embarked on the search for a reliable partner for this difficult endeavor. Their basic requirements were to get a solid platform solution, seamless migration and, last but not least, technical support after development. Appreciating Stenik's experience with dozens of migrations for clients from different industries, they trusted us.

After the successful development and migration of, the result of our successful partnership was not long before - a brand new virtual drugstore, loaded with over 14,500 products, providing pleasure to its customers in the shopping process. The new online store already has its first orders since its launch, and it is definitely making a serious request to become a lifestyle for many, thanks to an experienced team developing it.

A complete eCommerce solution based on Magento 2

To develop this great project, the Stenik team selected the eCommerce platform Magento . We used the latest version of Magento 2 to provide stability and security, a familiar interface, user experience, and easy expansion options . We created a clean and fresh design and included custom modules in the programming that would increase the e-shop's functionality at times. Following the latest trends in online commerce, we have built everything we need for successful online development.

When our team faces a project to build a relatively new version of Magento that many BG developers are not yet engaged in, the expectations are huge. Thanks to the solid technical know-how of our certified programmers , building the project has become a pleasant challenge and a huge satisfaction with the results achieved. Our goal was for the e-shop to work perfectly both in terms of consumer experience and speed and administration - and we succeeded!

How did we accomplish the online store migration?

Regular meetings with the client

In order to be as precise as possible in the implementation, we worked in a concentrated manner and often had team operations and meetings of our eCommerce consultants with the client. We have drawn up a timetable for the implementation of the project and distributed the design and programming tasks.

What is different about the Magento 2-based Be Fit online store

Easy shopping process through PC, laptop, tablet or phone

We started by looking at what interface, UX design and what functionality would maximize the chance of selling in an online store. We asked ourselves some questions: Where do consumers shop? What facilitates the shopping process? How do they like to see their products leafy?

One of the prerequisites was the development of a responsive version of the online store that would allow consumers to shop through their favorite device at any time. The goal was to create a user-friendly and user-friendly interface and of course a UX-enabled mobile version.

We experienced everything perfectly - from the navigation, the shopping process and the sales to become intuitive, to the presentation of the products we organized into thematic categories and subcategories for maximum convenience. In the visual presentation, we have a feeling that you are “holding in your hands” the product you are looking at. We have set a variety of options for ordering products on the page (from newest to oldest, from the lowest price to the highest and so on). Products can be displayed in rows or in a column where more information is presented. The user chooses how many to display per page. Everyone can customize the experience to their own tastes.

Integration of Magento 2 with ERP system

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in integrating with ERP systems. Thanks to the flexible and effective methods of our programmers work for us there is no secret in this type of synchronization. Choosing Magento as a platform, in turn, enables integration of any ERP system. We implemented ERP integration in the Be Fit project   with SIS Technology. This provided the customer with the ability to automatically create and import products in an online store, create categories, and synchronize prices and availability.

Delivery and payment

After the consumer has made his choice for products in the e-shop he wants to complete his order as easily as possible. The shopping process must be brief and as simple as possible. At Stenik, we know that any unnecessary and distracting step in a checkout can result in a customer refusing to complete their order. That is why our goal was to create a simplified form in which the user can quickly navigate what they need to fill out and declare their desire for payment and delivery.

We took care of the integration of payment instruments - online payment, which will facilitate the store's customers. For this purpose, we have integrated the Borika virtual POS terminal module, which provides secure online payment by credit or debit card. Of course, the e-shop offers the option of cash on delivery (cash on delivery), bank transfer and PayPal Express Checkout.

The delivery of the order to each user can be made by the courier in his chosen way (to an address or to an office) and according to the specified terms. Be Fit offers deliveries in addition to Bulgaria and Europe. In case the consumer has a physical store nearby, Be Fit may indicate their desire to take the ordered products from the drugstores with a location in Sofia, Dianabad or Mladost 1.

User profile

In the e-shop, each visitor has the option to create an account that helps facilitate re-shopping and future use of discounts. The client has different sections in his personal account - he can also see the history of his purchases, track every delivery, edit his personal data at any time, etc.

Powerful admin panel

The Magento administration is extremely easy to manage and offers a wide range of powerful tools to drive online sales. The Magento 2 admin panel is better than its predecessor. The Magento 2 admin panel has scalability that supports the growth of the business that an online retailer may need in the future. The admin allows for easier installation of various modules and upgrades, and even better is that there are more free modules available per person.

It has a much more streamlined and intuitive user interface, has faster page load times, huge productivity improvements, flexible data networks and more . The panel provides multiple options based on the level of access of employees or the owner of the online store.

Administrators have the ability to manage different sections : products and categories in the Catalog section, clients and client groups, marketing tools, SEO optimization, complete content of e-commerce, orders, payments, deliveries, detailed statistics and reports, international management Magento store, general configuration settings, etc.

Serious server infrastructure. Secure software. Secure sales.

We provided technical support from Stenik as soon as the site was launched

Of course, after every successful launch, our eCommerce specialists and support department are available by email and phone to troubleshoot bugs, add new features, or advise customers on new online marketing trends and opportunities.

After launch online, can rely on light- hearted warranty support from the Stenik team and also have a wide selection of after-sales and after-warranty support packages.

We encourage every online retailer to pay attention to the support of their online store - you can read why it is the most important service for your online store.


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