Dimitar Dimitrov advises when it's time for "Migration to a new platform for your online store" within the E-commerce 4.0 forum


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Dimitar Dimitrov advises when it's time for "Migration to a new platform for your online store" within the E-commerce 4.0 forum

The E-commerce 4.0 Forum was held on September 27 in Interpred, Sofia Hall . The event was useful in terms of trends and innovations in online commerce. E-commerce 4.0 has attracted more than 100 people from different sectors: IT, Food and Beverage, Pharmacy, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Transport and Logistics.

Within the forum, experts from different companies presented their practice examples.

Dimitar Dimitrov from Stenik shared with the audience concrete tips that could be applied step by step, explaining the different stages of an online merchant before and after the migration of his online shop .Among the reasons for migrating the platform of an e-shop in Dimitar's presentation were: current system limitations, outdated software, expansion abroad, lack of ready modules, willingness to upgrade the functional level and expand the scope, change of ERP integration or other external software, merging a corporate web site and an e-shop, as well as a need for rebranding.

Dimitar pointed out the importance of the development stage of each individual online store .Depending on the development of each trader's online marketing, he needs to decide what platform to choose at that particular moment. For online marketers, he said the SaaS solution was appropriate.

The challenges each e-commerce has started migrating to its online store often include a variety of stumbling blocks: search engine optimization (SEO), client migration, or customized functionalities tailored to the needs of trade, learning how to work with the platform, and etc. 
The main platform selection criteria included platform (system) selection, maintenance, functionality, customization, localization, security, and, of course, the most important choice is who the developer is. How to choose a developer? - the issue of increased difficulty. Of great importance for the success of an online project is the choice of the most suitable partner in the development.

We thank the organizers from the Enterprise magazine for the opportunity, the audience that attended the presentation and the numerous questions during the forum.

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