How did Stenik develop online orders for Nedelya pastry shops in Bulgaria?


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How did Stenik develop online orders for Nedelya pastry shops in Bulgaria?

The many popular cakes on Sundays come soon to every home and office in Sofia, thanks to Stenik 's rich eCommerce experience . The new e-shop - is ready to welcome all the sweet orders - cakes for any occasion, special events, wedding or children cakes.

Since Sunday, they have decided to rejoice and facilitate even more their fans of the physical confectioneries with the opportunity to order their delicious proposals online on the territory of Sofia. After our successful partnership with the development of an e-shop for the Romanian market , Sunday we were once again committed to developing their second project - an online store for Bulgaria .

It was a great pleasure for us to create an excellent eCommerce solution based on the Magento platform. The client's desire was to migrate all the content and functionality from their corporate web site to the new online store that we performed impeccably. One of the conditions of the client was to "revive" the Romanian version, as it was obsolete. For this we made a redesigned and responsive version of the e-shop and implemented it for both sites in order to be in sync. Of great importance for the customer was the online store to get the optimization and growth needed for which we implemented the necessary technological solutions.

Start working with enormous enthusiasm

As with any project we develop, we have created a schedule for the implementation of the individual tasks and distributed them by stages.

Design with taste

Our designers have created a sweet look at the online patisserie with an appetizing visual presence of all products on the pages. We followed a unique style that corresponded to Sunday's corporate identity and recreated the atmosphere as if you were choosing a cake from the shop window. This has provided consumers with a truly wonderful experience at the online patisserie. We have built an easy-to-navigate structure and categorization to make shopping as useful and enjoyable as possible.


The specific part of the program part of the online Magazine is that the Bulgarian and Romanian online shops are managed by a common system. The Magento Administration allows merchants to easily manage their online store from different user profiles that have different levels of access.

What is interesting in the technical part of the implementation of the project?

  • Upgrade to a current version of the platform.
  • Redirect from the corporate web site to the online store for Bulgaria.
  • Implement the new design in the new system for the two web sites.
  • In order for the user experience to be of the highest level, we have developed a responsive designso that customers can shop through any mobile device.
  • Nonstandard cake order form - an option for users to fill in predefined queue fields for a non-standard cake.
  • Integration of the Borika POS terminal .
  • We added a "delivery schedule" module - a choice of date and time for delivery, with the system showing only the available at the time of the order.

  • Form for filling in the choice of: filling, number of pieces and additional option - inscription on the cake (optional).
  • "Take a Sweets" option - when choosing this option, the user will be able to choose only the day they want to take their order.
  • Validation of delivery address based on customer's address.
  • Integrate an Extended Management Module for Administrator Roles.
  • Individual Career Page - Career Module allows you to manage top-up ads and application forms.
  • Franchise page - Detailed information on conditions and steps for collaboration, application form, FAQs, and location information for possible locations.

Maintenance, management and development

Sunday's online sweet shop runs full-day from the first day, offering visitors a unique experience, a wide selection of delicious cakes, services and special offers and the opportunity to get feedback at any time.

Our work, however, is not over ......

Sundays continue to rely on our team at any time to support their online store . We are always available to solve any problems or to implement new upgrades. Development is at the heart of keeping and growing customers, and we strictly follow this principle. We look forward to all updates, up-to-date versions of the platform, trends and official recommendations and apply them to all online stores that are subject to our development. This guarantees our customers the long-term security and performance of their websites.

Do you need redesign, migration, growth and optimization of your online store?

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