Redesign of and brutal results after putting online. How did we implement the Stenik project?


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Redesign of and brutal results after putting online. How did we implement the Stenik project?

In 2013, Stenik developed one of our largest eCommerce projects - . Our task was complicated, because we had to migrate a well-developed online store to an entirely new Magento platform.

The problem of has long wanted redesign and optimization of the online shop that has already been overburdened with custom and has been constantly asking questions ...

How can users happily and comfortably shop on all devices and at any time in a stable online store? How do we increase sales by improving technical site? How to Make Impeccable Migration by Keeping the Magento Platform?

Assessing our experience, robust partnership, technical support over the years, and looking for the answer to the question, Ozone has again chosen Stenik to be the redesigner of the online store The task behind us was to make even more users use the e-shop actively, saving time and getting a lot of shopping flexibility. We had to completely upgrade the UI, create a UX-compliant mobile version, and add new functionalities.

The results

It's nice when we know our customers are growing in sales and we've contributed to that. Even more pleasant when the numbers speak of real results. What changed after Ozone Redesign can be seen in the following info sheet. The comparison is based on Google Analytics for the post-launch period of the new June-July 2018 compared to the same period of the previous year.

Yes, these are the results.

Yes, mobile sales are growing.

Yes, that was accomplished with more than 1000 hours of work from Stenik, but also hundreds of hours of work internally from

How did we achieve it?

We have embarked on this big project, working closely with Ozone. Along with our project managers, we were also working on Ozone's project manager, supported by all of his team. One year took the development of this serious project, as it required high flying, many hours of study and specification, design, programming, communication and testing . The goal was the new online store to surpass the existing one and to work perfectly in terms of both consumer experience and speed and administration. After a lot of work and motivation, we launched the brand-new online store, part of Stenik's portfolio.



Ozone has set specific goals for us, and we have precisely fulfilled each one during the development:

  • To save the platform of the Magento online store, optimize it and upgrade it with new functionalities.
  • Optimize the loading speed on home and inside pages.
  • A responsive design for mobile devices with an extremely intuitive user experience.


  • Develop an online store that meets the growing needs of consumers and high traffic.
  • Achieve the highest level of service at any time - from product review to purchase.
  • Complete growth and optimization of online marketing through the use of modern technologies and good practices in the development of online stores .

Development process

There was a lot of work ahead of the Stenik and Ozone teams, based on cooperation between the two countries.

At the preparatory stage of Ozone's update and development, our role was to offer the best for the development of the new interface and UX design. The maximum smooth specification of the workflow took place with the participation of the management team of Stenik, who has many years of experience in this field. We were both side by side with Ozone's project manager and a well-known designer, as well as the owner. Of course, they have supported 100% of their teams, who have invested a lot of working hours - all of them are priorities. At the working meetings with the Ozone team, we asked the right questions and received valuable answers.

The subsequent dialogue between the two teams was extremely fruitful due to the good organization and enthusiasm that had conquered everyone. We drank the specification and concept in detail and were ready to create our magic.

1. Study and specification

Together with the team, we discussed in detail the specification of the online store, including its overall concept and functionality. In this way we have achieved perfection on a conceptual level and started the development step by step. We worked in two directions:

  • We have explored what interface, UX design and what functionalities would maximize the chances of selling in the online store
  • We've researched the best examples from global competitors and industry leaders , generating great ideas and getting a clear idea of ​​what mistakes we need to keep
  • We have specified all the technical processes for developing new functionalities, migrating existing modules, and securing the server part for hosting the new site.

2. Design

Our web designers have had many creative ideas and applied them in practice. We bet on a responsivedesign that is mandatory in the mobile era . It allows content and user interaction with it to adapt to the type of device on which the website is used. The user interface is always adequate on the screen, regardless of its size and the way it is controlled (mouse or touch and gestures).

Our design team has made a lot of effort in creating a checkout process that prompts users to easily complete their order and prevent leaving the page and abandoning the order. Once selected the desired product, the user wants to finalize the order as soon as possible. Any unnecessary step or distraction prolongs this process. We have achieved this through a simplified form in which the user can fill in his information and visualize a checkmark in a visible place on the information the user would need and for which he would leave the checkout - the information about the products of the order and contact information.

3. Technical development and interesting solutions

There was programming ahead - our program department, armed with all the design files and specifications, started to work. Worked out, our certified Magento front-end developers hacked HTML files, JavaScript, CSS and the user interface came to life on screen. They invested solid hours and a lot of code writing to create an exclusive consumer experience, ensuring that Ozone's customers enjoy genuine shopping. The serious task, all beautifully working at maximum speed, was our certified Magento back-end programmers. The result is that the Magento "took off".

The code is written against all best practices and has solid technical documentation. This ensures flawless work. For such a type of project, besides a lot of work and a serious server infrastructure, it is required to work smoothly, regardless of the e-store load . This was done by the Ozone system administrators, who worked closely with our technical director. The entire new online store is hosted on their own servers.

Interesting solutions and functionalities, part of the development

  • Multiple different widgets through which site administrators can create promo banners, product boxes, text accents, etc .;
  • Integration with UniCredit API - Automatically submit a credit request from the online store to UniCredit Bulbank;
  • We took care when users are in a detailed product page, always seeing the most important thing about it - a photo, a description, a price, and a buying button. We achieved this through a sticky buy bar, which is visualized when the user scrolls down the page ;

  • Integrating an external search engine with artificial intelligence that learns itself from user behavior and over time gives more and more relevant results;
  • We have created a full-screen product gallery world-class , up to date with all current UX trends;

  • We have kept a close correspondence with the SEO experts Ozone has chosen and fulfilled a number of important requirements placed by them in order to preserve and enhance the position of the old web site.

4. Testing

Our QA team made internal testing based on our detailed Ultimate QA Checklist, and then we released the demo version of the Ozone e-shop. They in turn continued their testing within 1-2 months to make sure that the online store works flawlessly for consumers.

5. Play online

The project comes alive on the screens and phones of many. It is now available to all people in Bulgaria and around the world. Works 24 hours, 7 days a week, without bugs and delays. That's why we, Stenik, and Ozone are constantly taking care of. Our team maintains, optimizes and develops the new online store. The biggest recognition for us is the result of the launch of the online store - high attendance, sales growth and positive feedback from users.

Now what's next ... Technical support of course!

As we have once said, developing an online store is just the beginning. For an online shop to be successful and grow smart in technical terms, it 's important to keep it up-to-date. At Stenik we take care of every project that is online to receive post-warranty and post-warranty support.

Discover all your free time at Explore the various products conveniently arranged in categories and discover something for yourself. Have fun while shopping. :) If you have not yet bought, make a personal profile, leave feedback, talk to an ozone employee in chat, make a purchase and get the most satisfaction. Play the boredom!

Do you need redesign, migration, growth and optimization of your online store?

We will be happy to help you with Stenik. Contact us right now!

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