Recognize users during calls: Enhance service in your online store. Integration of Callflow and Omnilinx into Magento.


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Recognize users during calls: Enhance service in your online store. Integration of Callflow and Omnilinx into Magento.

In the era of technological advancement, optimizing customer service time from the support or call center of the store is becoming increasingly important. Recognizing customers who call reduces the need for multiple unnecessary checks and enhances the efficiency of the service process.

In Stenik, we have successfully implemented integration with the platform's phone exchange - Callflow, linking the Magento admin in the order section with the administrative panel of the phone exchange.

Callflow is an innovative SaaS business telephony platform provided by Price International. Another of their developments for communication and customer service is the multi-channel platform - Omnilinx.

Integrating Your Online Store with Callflow and Omnilinx

Our experienced and certified programmers are available to all our clients, ready to install the Callflow and Omnilinx solutions in their online stores. On the other hand, our technical team is ready to personalize and expand the functionalities according to the specific requirements of online merchants. In the following lines, we will describe how the service works, easing the work in administration:

1. Generating a link during a call for quick access to the customer profile in Magento

We expanded the capabilities in the Magento admin panel by adding an option to filter orders by the phone number of the respective user. Upon an incoming call from a customer, the system generates a quick link in Callflow, automatically directing to the Magento administration. This link provides access to a list of all orders filtered by the customer's phone number.

This allows operators to quickly review the customer's order history to respond to their inquiries and provide the information they are looking for. This functionality significantly optimizes the service process and communication with customers.

2. Outgoing call to the customer directly from Magento

From the Magento store admin panel, administrators can quickly generate calls with a single click. For each operator (administrator), we associated an internal number (located in the Callflow platform) and a "Presentation Number" from which the administrator can initiate calls.

We added an "Initiate Call" button on the order details page, which automatically directs to the Callflow platform through the browser. This way, a conversation between the operator (administrator) and the user who placed the order is quickly and conveniently initiated.

Depending on the response to the call (whether the connection is successful), the button may change its message - "Problem with the call" or "Calling now," providing feedback to the Magento administrator that a call is expected.

The Stenik team successfully implemented the integration of the Callflow and Omnilinx solutions in the online store of SkyOptic for a more convenient and seamless service to customers from the Magento administration. This contributed to better communication with end customers, more efficient operations, and improved service at

Why use a Centralized System?

Today, consumers actively use various communication channels. They want fast, convenient, and smooth communication with businesses, in ways they prefer. The growth of A2P (application-to-person) services presents a challenge for online businesses. This includes working with different service providers and may cause difficulties for the service staff in online stores.

To address these challenges and meet the increasing demands of customers, you need a multi-channel platform that connects all these channels into a centralized system, providing you with a range of advantages:

  1. Multi-channel communication: Integrate different communication channels, giving your customers the freedom to choose how to connect with you.
  2. Communication history: Each conversation can easily be turned into a task (ticket) for traceability of who on the team is working on what case.
  3. Efficient task distribution in the team: The system automatically distributes conversations among your team based on workload, channel, or each team member's competencies.
  4. One-Screen communication: Your staff has all the customer information on one screen, regardless of the communication channel used.
  5. Integration with other platforms: Connect with your CRM or ERP system for quick access to important information about your customers.
  6. Traceability: You can always track the history of customer inquiries, communication, and actions taken by the team.
  7. Built-in phone exchange: The system consolidates all communication in one platform.
  8. Better service: Ensure timely notifications and real-time updates, facilitating customers with the information they seek. Provide customer support with quick answers to frequently asked questions.
  9. Marketing and personalization: Opportunity to send Viber business messages for promotions and notifications to customers through API, and also confirm orders through automated robo calls with personalized data (such as dates, amounts, names, addresses, etc.)
  10. Statistics, monitoring, and reports: Reports on answered and missed calls by days/hours/people in real-time. Reports for:
  • Incoming and outgoing calls by people, duration, etc.;
  • Working hours, breaks, and occupancy;
  • IVR - statistics for interactive menus;
  • Queues - received, missed calls, wait time;
  • Tags and comments on calls - filters and search.

Do you want to add this option to your online store?

If you wish to integrate the services of Callflow and Omnilinx into your e-commerce website, you need to, first and foremost, utilize their solutions by agreeing with their provider. Afterward, you can contact our support department or your personal Project Manager to add this option to your store.

We recommend exploring other upgrade possibilities and enhancements for your online store in our blog.

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