Margel Auto Center with a new corporate site with an integrated online store by Stenik


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Margel Auto Center with a new corporate site with an integrated online store by Stenik

Margel is a leader in the trade of aluminum wheels in Bulgaria, offering over 350 models. The Auto Center offers full service for your car and is the official importer of the DUNLOP, GOODYEAR, SAVA, FULDA, DEBICA, NANKANG, HIFLY, GOLDLINE tires and more.

Why did Margel turn to us?

Margel has been looking to us for a complete redesign and migration of their old site platform to a new corporate site with an integrated online store. There were several meetings between the two countries in which the Sténik team was able to prove and win Margel's confidence. Based on customer needs, our team has confirmed that the Magento e -commerce platform is the solution that covers all requirements and technical parameters.

The implementation of the project

After both sides shook hands, work began on the project. We will present here the process and what were the steps in the development of from the idea to its realization.


At the preparatory stage, we have selected a project manager responsible for its smooth running. We set ourselves clear goals and precise steps, according to the project assignment. Over a period of time, we have had work meetings with Margel's team, with the goal of clearing up any issues that have arisen and making our mutual work as smooth as possible. 

Our main focus was to create a modern look and UX design that would follow the trends and make it easier for all users. We started with the attitude that the new e-shop would work perfectly in terms of consumer experience, be rich in functionality, provide trouble-free shopping.

Set ...

After the set goals, many hours of work were based on the collaboration between Stenik and Margel. Familiarize yourself with the stages during which the project development took place:


The specifics of the project required the development of an interface focused on the needs of the user. Our creative department has achieved this thanks to a clean, modern look and guidance. We have created responsive designs to engage consumers more efficiently with excellent resolution on all mobile devices - phones and tablets.

Technical development

Our certified Magento developers roll up their sleeves and take care of all the functionality of the e-shop. Here are some of them:

  • Integration with the customer's EDC system : We have integrated an e-shop with a warehouse program to ensure the current prices, availability, delivery time and characteristics of each product that the customer is interested in.
  • Search for tires and wheels by size or brand of car: Selection is not just divided into "tires, wheels and motorcycle products", we have developed filters by different criteria: class, season, height, width, diameter, brand, bolts, offset, hole etc. , worthy of even the most demanding users, to ensure the fastest, easiest and most detailed search in the online store. For greater precision, we linked the online store to an external source, which allows search according to the model of the car.

  • Product Listing: In addition to creating a modern design, we also provide convenience when shopping through it. We have previewed every single detail that would be relevant when selecting products.   We emphasized various graphic elements (icons) that visually target criteria such as: season, fuel consumption, floor grip, noise level and more.

      • Tire Calculator: At Margel's initiative and desire, we have added an online calculator to help users who are hesitant about changing the size of their tires to the current ones they use for their car. The size of the tire you are currently using and the size of the tire you are interested in should be specified in the calculator. Based on the information provided, the calculator will automatically calculate the diameters of the two tires and display as a result the difference in diameters and in the speedometer reading when the vehicle is traveling at 100 km / h.

      • For AutoCenter customers who are not quite sure what they need and want to look at the products available, our team has developed the ability to view items in the most convenient, viewable way - in grid or list view . Both are accompanied by the option for detailed filters in the left navigation part, which can be determined not only by price range, but also by season, brand and many other characteristics of the desired item.
      • If a customer forgets to add an item to their cart, they can find it in automated related and cross-sale products .
      • Buying in a few easy steps: The selected products can easily be ordered in a one-step checkout , where different delivery methods and payment methods are embedded. For delivery, we have envisioned: receipt of the products in a physical store, delivery with Mobile Service and through the Speedy courier company . We have implemented integration with the Speedy courier company module , enhanced by Stenik. The user chooses between the payment options : by bank transfer, with cards - MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, via PayPal or cash on delivery.
      • For wholesale orders , we have provided a special form that saves time and synthesizes in ourselves the ability to quickly and optimally order the desired items.

      • We have made it easier for users who want to visit one of Margel's stores or are interested in the nearest dealers by developing modules that make it easy for them to find locations .

      • Mobile service is an option in the e-shop, offering salvation from waiting in overcrowded auto repair shops and a reliable solution to any problems in the customer's own garage. Margel Auto Center offers this rare service in our country, namely, with one phone call to save a convenient time for you, during which Margel's "rescue" team will respond to your needs.
      • The powerful administrative panel guarantees high-level customer service and optimization of workflows, which saves time for its administrators. It quickly and easily adds articles, changes categories and subcategories. Order processing is optimized and guarantees customer satisfaction and return status in order processing.

QA and testing

Our quality assurance specialists have conducted numerous internal tests of all the functionality of the online store to clear any gaps and bugs. All the points from Stenik's Ultimate QA Checklist were very precisely crossed, ensuring the perfect operation of the site from the very beginning.


We are happy to put the project into operation, meeting all deadlines. The result is personal - excellent, refreshed and accurate e-commerce and a long-term partnership between the two countries.

The choice of Magento ensured stability, the addition of a huge product range, the opportunity for growth over time, a pleasant interface, usability and efficient technical support provided by Stenik's support department.

Technical support from Stenik

We at Stenik continue to take care of the maintenance and development of the Website , and are available to assist in the elimination of problems encountered in the online store, improvements and incorporation of new functionalities and modules that will constantly develop the benefits of Margel. Our support team guarantees the customer complete reliability and stability in the online space.

We advise any online merchant who plans to migrate their online store to another platform to consider which system to choose and to which company to go for the implementation of this not easy venture. You can read our tips in the articles: When is the Time to Migrate Your Online Store to a New Platform? " And " How to Prepare to Change Your Online Store Platform? ".

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