Stenik's attendance at the eCA Conference 2019 Building eCommerce Bridges


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Stenik's attendance at the eCA Conference 2019 Building eCommerce Bridges

eCA Conference 2019 eCommerce Bridges Building

The eCA Conference 2019 Building eCommerce Bridges took place on June 07 and 08 in the beautiful and famous Bulgarian city of Ruse. The conference and the exhibit were held on June 7 in the iconic "Profitable Building" building, followed by a nice, informal gala dinner, and on the following day, interesting workshops were held at the other two locations. The lectures covered current topics related to online commerce, including such as Global Trends in E-Commerce, Market Overview and Opportunities, Influence Marketing . The workshops also aimed to examine and interpret various topical topics such as How to Start a Successful Online Store, The Huge Power of Social Networking, Legal and Accounting Aspects in eCommerce, How to Double Sales in Your Online Store .

The location of the event itself also aroused interest, not only from Bulgarian businessmen in the industry, but also from neighboring Romania . The immediate proximity of the magnificent Bulgarian city to the border has had a positive impact and has provoked discussions regarding the scope of business between each other.

Stenik's participation

For the Stenik team, every event related to online commerce is important and valuable, so we mobilized a representative team that was positioned in the eCA Conference 2019 Building eCommerce Bridges hot spot.

Stenik as an exhibitor

As a prominent Bulgarian developer of online stores and websites, Stenik took his place in the expo part of the event as an exhibitor. Two representatives of our team were available throughout the day of the event. They answered all inquiries from attendees, introduced them to Stenik's work and portfolio . We will not hide our pride from the fact that there were many who recognized our stand and were aware of the projects we have implemented. Stenik's booth aroused interest to both startup online retailers and longtime industry pioneers.

In addition to having fruitful meetings with various online and offline marketers, we have also been able to share valuable experience and ideas with many of our partners. We met with key players in the field and discussed various issues.


eCommerce Academy Conference Gala Party

The long but rewarding and emotionally charged day ended with a pleasant and informal Gala Dinner. All present had the opportunity to exchange both professional experience and advice as well as to get to know each other personally and to strengthen their partnership in a friendly atmosphere. During the dinner, Stenik's consultants spoke with a large number of attendees and were able to discuss some of the high-profile and topical issues in the online trading world.

Workshop day

The second day of the event was dedicated to various workshops. It was extremely precise and well thought the decision to distribute and separate them for the different levels of online marketers - from starters to advanced ones, as well as suitable for everyone.

The Stenik team participated in WORKSHOP ROOM 3, covering legal and accounting aspects at eCommerce. As long-time developers of online stores and websites, we at Stenik are aware of how sensitive this topic is. We understand the need for good knowledge and application. In order to consult and work properly with our clients, it is very important that we are aware of the latest developments in the field, so this workshop was extremely useful for us. Not only did we discuss things from the point of view of online store developers, but we were also able to position ourselves and look at the side of our customers.

In conclusion

We strongly determine the eCA Conference 2019 Building eCommerce Bridges to be a successful, rewarding and extremely exciting event! The contacts we made and the people we met motivated us to continue to build successful online stores and not stop building ourselves as professionals. We thank the event organizers for the emotions they have stirred in us. Thanks also to all the merchants who took the time to Stenik. It was a real pleasure for us to be exhibitors on the one hand and to share experiences and ideas with clients, partners and friends in flour.

We remain available

If you have any questions about your online store or would like to create one, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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