Sell ​​Successfully in Romania and Greece - Stenik Presentation and Advice to Online merchants


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Sell ​​Successfully in Romania and Greece - Stenik Presentation and Advice to Online merchants

Stenik was part of another long-awaited event of the year, namely the "Sell Successfully in Romania and Greece" conference. The event focused on addressing some of the topical and binding issues regarding overseas sales, the proper positioning of products and the accompanying process of innovative solutions and technologies.

About the event

This year, the event has attracted the interest of a large number of online merchants seeking to expand their businesses, as well as those who want to upgrade their knowledge and hear the news in this aspect. "Sell Successfully in Romania and Greece" took place on 31.10 and 01.11 in the renovated Vitosha Hall at the Inter Expo Center and gathered over 200 visitors.

The two days of the conference were devoted to current topics, about online trading in Romania and Greece, and besides lectures, issues related to successful sales in foreign markets were also addressed in useful workshops.

Stenik's participation

Traditionally, Stenik was an integral part of this year's event. We go back a little bit to remind you that in 2017 Dimitar Dimitrov and Stefan Chorbanov talked about "How to prepare your e-shop for sales in Romania?" as part of the second edition of Selling Successfully in Romania.

Two years later, the conference expanded and we are proud to say that we have not only developed a useful presentation aimed at expanding foreign markets, but have also been partners and exhibitors of the event.

Our stand

Our stand was well known to the audience and was available both days for questions from visitors. Stefan Chorbanov and Dimitar Dimitrov were available personally to answer the inquiries and to direct those interested in the right decision for them.

We are extremely happy and proud that a large number of those in attendance were well aware of our work and a rich portfolio, and visited a booth with clearly structured and specific issues in a given area. We had the pleasure of building valuable contacts with prospective clients and partners, as well as talking to people from various fields of e-commerce.

We were able to discuss quite topical topics related to different aspects of sales in foreign markets and the right approach to them. We have touched upon various cases of expansion abroad such as deliveries, transfers, payment methods and choosing the right market.

"How do I prepare my online store for overseas sales?"

On the first day of the conference, Stenik stood on the big stage, on the side of the presenter. It was Stefan and Dimitar who presented a presentation on "How to prepare my online store for sales abroad?". The questions that were considered included: How do I choose where to sell? How do I choose a market? How much "local" do I want my business to be? How do I prepare my business? and other.

The presentation was intended to structure the right approach to foreign markets. The right marketing strategies and some common mistakes and stereotypes in choosing a marketing agency and tools were discussed. Last but not least, Stefan and Dimitar paid attention to the methods of payment, delivery and return of products, and in general the wide range of functionalities of a successful online store abroad.

At the end of the presentation, Octavian Dimitrescu, CEO of CustomSoft Romania and Fotis Kourmadas, CEO of CS Cart Hellas, took part. They shared with the audience 5 common mistakes made by online marketers and 5 steps to successfully "export" their business. It turned out to be a great "partnership" on stage, exactly what would be successful for a business in more than one market.

Immediately after the Steniks presentation, we received excellent feedback. A large part of the audience attended the booth after the end of the presentation to personally congratulate the two presenters for the excellent presentation and the accessible manner in which all the information was presented.

Successful event for successful e-commerce solutions in foreign markets

Thanks to all those present for the interest and recharging meetings! It was a very useful and exciting two days for us, in which we felt not only "right in place" but also among real professionals and purposeful online merchants!

If you missed the presentation of Stenik, then the video "Expansion Abroad" from our series Stenik: Series 2 may be your "guide" or at least build certain ideas about expansion in foreign markets.

We are staying tuned for all your questions, contact us now!

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