How do I choose a developer for my online store?


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How do I choose a developer for my online store?

After our article "How to choose a platform for my online store?" Having learned how to choose the right platform for your online store, now is the time to learn the intricacies of finding the right agency to design your online store. 

Choosing the platform for your online store is one side of the coin. And in our previous article, you learned how to choose the right platform . The other side of the coin is choosing the right technology company to be your eCommerce partner in development and maintenance .

It is bad to choose the right platform for your online store, but the wrong developer. And if you choose the right developer, then he probably wouldn't advise you to choose the wrong platform.

What are the factors when choosing an online store company?

We will familiarize you with the criteria for choosing a company to build your future online store. What Every Dealer Should Open:

What are the online stores that are developed by the developer?

And on the platform you choose.

What is the experience in the online marketing of the selected technology company?

Here we are talking about experience not only in the development of online stores, but a look at the whole eCommerce image - from consulting at the beginning of the project, through the design and usability of a successful online store, online marketing, to the processing and ordering processes, as well and their return and replacement. We can summarize all this as “Added value to development”.

What experience does the developer have in your industry?

Yes, all online stores may look very similar, but the truth is that there are subtleties in different industries that if your new partner passed them on as an experience with their other customers, it will certainly save you time and hassle.

What has the developer had to do with your ERP or storage program so far?

ERP integration is a major feather in the development of an online store. It is a huge advantage for your partner to have developed such integration, or even more so - to have a ready connector between the eCommerce platform that uses the ERP.

Quality support after development

Check from the outset what support options your company offers - even before you sign a contract. Does the developer have active support customers who have online stores working?


Choosing a developer for your online store is not easy, but by the criteria you have learned, you will be able to find the right eCommerce technology partner with experience in your industry . Look for a partner who will give you added value. Add to that the right platform choice and you will take your online business to another level.

Choosing both a platform and a developer is important because if you hit the ceiling for the technical development of your online store or have a disagreement with your partner, you may need to migrate to the platform sooner or later .

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Stefan Stefan Chorbanov

Stefan Chorbanov is one of the founders of Stenik and since 2004 has been working at the company to create iconic online stores and websites. He has participated in eCommerce projects for KFC, Coquette, CarpetMAX, Hipoland, Pakostnik, Ozone, Dancy, Orange Center, Tempo, Demobaza, Giulian and many more. As a hobby, he also develops his own online clothing stores, which makes him a specialist not only from the developer's side but also from the merchant's side - an experience that few have.


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