Feedback from clients like this one motivates us to do our work at Stenik with attitude


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Feedback from clients like this one motivates us to do our work at Stenik with attitude

Undoubtedly, the greatest satisfaction with the work and diligence that the entire Stenik team is putting in are the successfully completed projects and our satisfied clients . We are grateful for the trust and partnership we are able to build during our teamwork. Our team is behind every serious online marketer, and we continue to build on our relationships over time. We respectfully develop each of our projects, staying with our clients not only as a developer, technical support , eCommerce consultant, but mostly as a follower in their entire business.

We have repeatedly presented the technical part of our work in the form of detailed and descriptive case studies on our blog . However, feedback from our customers is what really makes us think about our efforts and motivates us to work even better and better. It is the best proof that we are able to be a reliable and reliable partner in the implementation of individual projects with different needs and specifics. That is why we are giving the word to the other side this time.

We would like to present to you the motivational reference we have recently received from our friends and partners at BeFit. In their words lies the basis for a successful project, namely mutual respect, friendly attitude and professionalism.

Here is the latest dose of good humor and inspiration delivered by you - our clients:

With this reference we would like to express our gratitude and highest appreciation for the work of the entire team of Stenik Group Ltd., briefly and friendly - Stenik.
Be Fit Ltd. has a chain of drugstores in Sofia and has been selling online since 2012. In 2018, the rapid pace of development of eCommerce technologies led us to the need of upgrade our online platform. After a long journey of consulting and unsuccessful attempts at the eCommerce technology marketplace, we turned to Stenik and their team of professionals. A choice we would make again, every day and under all circumstances.
We initially chose Stenik because of the professional communication, the excellent knowledge of the products and technologies they offer, their understanding of our needs, and their willingness to develop a product tailored to our individual requirements. Subsequently, Stenik reinforced our initial positive impressions with ease of work, structured communication, guidance and involvement in the project. The feeling when implementing the new online store was like creating a new site with friends and business partners - filled with enthusiasm, ideas and decisions. Stanik successfully and skillfully fulfilled all our requirements - the latest generation of Magento v.2 platform, ERP integration with commercial software, migration of products, users and orders from our old platform, as well as many different refinements that fulfill and emphasize our concept of a personalized experience to our online users.
We would recommend Stenik to any of our friends and partners! Stenik's team has the rare quality to deliver more than promised. In launching our new online store, they not only accomplished the difficult task to fulfill our high demands, but complemented with numerous suggestions for improvements and a sense of impeccable shopping behavior.

Sincerely yours:
Nikolai Likyov
Development Manager @ Be Fit Ltd.

Read reviews of Stenik from our other clients or download references in PDF format. If you are our clients, we will be glad if you send us your recommendation for your work with Stenik.  

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Maria Kisheva is currently graduating her Master's degree in International Bussines and has plenty of experience in communications and working with clients. She definds herself as positive and ambitious person. At Stenik she continiues to develop and refine her qualities and abilities.


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