Scaling by overcoming software limitations - eCA Conference 2021 [eCommerce Only]


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Scaling by overcoming software limitations - eCA Conference 2021 [eCommerce Only]

Again this year, the eCommerce Academy didn't miss the opportunity to organize another valuable and up-to-date edition of the eCA conference - eCommerce Only. Due to the epidemiological measures in the country, the eCA conference 2021 [eCommerce Only] took place as a fully online event. It was held on October 15th, starting at 09:00 AM, and was accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Golden sponsor and speaker at the Event

At this year's edition of the conference, Stenik was not only a golden sponsor but also a speaker. The event's program was filled with current topics and established speakers in the eCommerce sector. The fact that the event was held online did not hinder the interaction with all the "attendees," and questions from the online audience were addressed after each presentation.

Between the various lectures, commentaries and studios were held where the moderator, Nikola Ilchev, along with the speakers discussed additional cases and solution possibilities. As a lecturer at the event, Dimitar Dimitrov - a partner at Stenik, participated in one of them, even offering his advice to all online retailers about transitioning online, especially in the current situation. Changing the mindset is what he directed the audience's attention to, as well as defining a clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Dimitar reminded that when transitioning to online sales, engaging with existing customers should not be underestimated, as that's where the "key" to success could be hidden.

Scaling by overcoming software limitations

As mentioned before, Dimitar Dimitrov was a speaker at the event. The topic he explored was under the title "Scaling by overcoming software limitations" and joining him on stage was Venelin Hristov, eCommerce manager at Teodor. Not long ago, the Bulgarian men's fashion brand chose us to implement their updated online store. The overall development and results of the project serve as an excellent example of the goals of the presentation.

We thank Teodor for the trust and positive attitude with which they responded to our invitation for a collaborative presentation!

During the lecture, Veneslav shared firsthand insights into the needs of the Bulgarian brand at the beginning of their journey towards selecting a platform and company for their revamped online store. He disclosed some of the challenges they faced and the reasons for entrusting Stenik.

Online, Teodor was performing well, but the highest selling items were from the so-called outlet collection or sales, which didn't align with the brand's overall strategy. The new e-commerce store needed to initiate a shift in that direction while maintaining strong sales for promotional items.

Dimitar described what we needed to do and the strategy we applied for the project's success. Interesting functionalities, fundamental solutions within a short timeframe, and achieved results were also presented during the presentation.

Stay tuned!

We're sure we've intrigued you already. Therefore, expect a detailed case study very soon precisely on the aforementioned points, where you'll be able to read fascinating facts and details about scaling the project while overcoming software limitations.

Successful online event for effective online sales

This year's event organized by the eCommerce Academy brought us significant value and feedback on best practices. We thank the organizers and the audience for the opportunity to share our experience and hear your questions and opinions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the topic or simply want consultation for your online store!


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