Listen to the story of Stefan Chorbanov in the podcast "The superhuman with Georgi Nenov"


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Listen to the story of Stefan Chorbanov in the podcast "The superhuman with Georgi Nenov"

Have you ever wanted to talk to an intelligent person, but found yourself alone or without a suitable person around? In such moments, I open Spotify and choose one of the episodes of the podcast "The superhuman with Georgi Nenov," where I can discover a variety of interesting guests. I press play, listen carefully, get engrossed, reflect on the topics and interpret them from my perspective. I engage in conversation.

I have listened to a significant number of interviews and stories that have inspired me to some extent. That's why I support Georgi Nenov's initiative monthly.

I hope that my story will also inspire the listeners.

In episode #EPISODE261 of The superhuman, I accepted Georgi Nenov's invitation to participate. On the website, you can learn more about the topics we discussed. But here's a preview:

  • About the choice of the 91st German Language High School in Sofia and what it gave me.
  • My early introduction to web design during my school years in 2000.

  • Choosing higher education between Bulgaria and Germany.

  • Interesting facts about the creation of Stenik and the company's first steps.

  • How the company's focus has remained unchanged from its inception to the present day and more about the cause and goals of Stenik.

  • Information about the 360-degree experience in eCommerce of the partners at Stenik - Stefan, Nikolay and Dimitar.

  • Career at Stenik with and without IT education - how we train young talents and provide them with opportunities to work on some of the biggest online stores in Bulgaria?

  • How our decision to choose Magento for online store development 10 years ago turned out to be a super successful solution in today's world and how it helps our clients that we work with?

We also talked about various other interesting topics beyond web design and online commerce - music, electric guitars, bands, weight loss and healthy eating, books and tourism in Bulgaria.

Enjoy listening :)

About the author:

stefan-image Stefan Chorbanov

Stefan Chorbanov is one of the founders of Stenik and since 2004 has been managing the company as well as working on the creation of the iconic online stores. Read more about Stefan


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