Stenik united knowledge and experience with the Bulgarian E-Commerce Association in a series of six free training events in the country


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Stenik united knowledge and experience with the Bulgarian E-Commerce Association in a series of six free training events in the country

Bulgarian E-Commerce Association - was created with the basic purpose of supporting the Bulgarian web. The association is a branch organization and is formed by private sector companies to represent and develop the native web market.

STENIK - official member of BEA

As a leading company in creating successful online stores and websites, STENIK is an official member of BEA. Our team of eCommerce consultants share their knowledge continuously. This process is constant and targeted to help our customers and partners. We believe this is a two-way process that contributes to the upgrading of the native online industry.

We breathe in and breathe in the rhythm of digital transformation and upsurge. :) Our desire is to continuously expand the horizon to current and future online merchants and to support the development of online commerce in Bulgaria.

Free practical training in six cities

Due to the strong motivation of all members, BEA came out of the capital city this year and shared their experience with the residents of six Bulgarian cities - Gabrovo (16.05.2018), Ruse (17.05.2018), Varna (18.05.2018), Plovdiv (29.05 .2018), Stara Zagora (30.05.2018) and Burgas (31.05.2018). The events took place in the form of online marketing training aimed at companies and online marketers who are now starting or are already in the process of working.

During the events, best practitioners with many years of experience in e-commerce focused on the whole cycle of planning, creating and marketing a successful e-shop.

Training events attracted over 500 enthusiasts, including beginners, active and advanced online merchants. All the guests had the opportunity to draw on their practice and to apply the lessons learned through their prism. The program was held in a discussion form, which allowed the audience to ask interesting questions whose answers were useful for everyone present.

Participation of STENIK

The six days of the events passed into well-dressed presentations accompanied by networking. Stenik in the face of Todor, Luboslav and Svetlozar made his contribution and participated in all events.

The colleagues made their debut as lecturers, which was definitely crowned with success. They have been able to share experiences and talk about best practices in e-commerce - things that have worked well and have shown excellent results in practice. The main theme of their presentations was the right choice of platform and the sustainable technical development of an online store.

In every city, Stenik's advice was of interest, and colleagues often received additional questions.

The most valuable of the events was that all participants and guests had the opportunity to fill up with energy to inspire them for new ideas and development of their business. Whether they are starters, long-time online marketers or just want to become part of the atmosphere of digital change.

Svetlozar Valchev, Project Manager @ Stenik


STENIK was pleased to be part of the events and to contribute to the development of e-commerce in Bulgaria. We are sure that these events will further stimulate the development of the online industry and the development of even more ambitious projects.

We are grateful to our partners from the Bulgarian E-Commerce Association for the Organization and the Opportunity, which has made us part of the series of events.

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