We became part of Magento Live 2019 in Amsterdam


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We became part of Magento Live 2019 in Amsterdam

Magento Live Europe is an annual conference hosted by Adobe and dedicated entirely to issues related to the Magento platform. It is the largest official Magento event in Europe and the second largest after the annual Magento conference in Las Vegas. This is where all the developments in the platform and extremely useful trends in online commerce can be heard and seen.

Amsterdam. Magento. Stenik 

As the leading Magento developers for online stores in Bulgaria, such an event is extremely important to us, being a true source of priceless experience. And while last year of Magento Live Barcelona was attended by only our manager Stefan Chorbanov and our technical director Nikolai Dimitrov, this year Magento Live 2019 in Amsterdam was visited by several members of Stenik's team.

The event was attended by all of the three partners in the company - Stefan Chorbanov, Nikolay Dimitrov and our sales director Dimitar Dimitrov, in the presence of project manager, back-end & front-end programmers of Stenik.

The team that we haved fomed to attend the event had the chance to attend to a number of lectures, even if they were at the same time. That was possible as each member of the team attended a different one, depending on the field of his knowledge. Some of the topics were related to:

  • Trade best practices
  • Trading Strategies
  • Marketing panel
  • Technical panel
  • B2B trading

Our impressions of Magento Live 2019

Awesome organization, proven professionals and priceless experience! As expected - it was a world-class event.

Exposure from partners and sponsors, good food and catering throughout the day and a formal party after the first night made everyone feel like special guests of the event.

Our team has the unique opportunity to meet with the experience of marketers and developers of large online stores from England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Scandinavia! We met people from other Magento integrator agencies to discuss our work with clients, tracking the steps from the research process, through development to maintenance.

Stenik met Magento Community people, thinking and breathing Magento, who can learn a lot from. Undoubtedly exciting meeting was the one with developers of modules, with whom we are also ina partnership (such Plumrocket for example). We could say that we have come face to face with the actual "image" of our daily work.

We met with Adobe Magento representatives to discuss how to offer the Merchant system and its Enterprise version of Magento Commerce, partnerships and various good practices in the field.

We talked face to face with the Magento developers. We were able to present the work and share our observations directly with the developers and technical directors of the platform.

A priceless experience

We confidently claim that Magento Live has given us a lot of new knowledge and important contacts, inspiring us with the confidence and motivation to continue doing our work with all our will and desire! We would like to thank to all the speakers and attendees for the helpful advice and shared experience. We are ready to transmit everything we have learned in our work and to guarantee the precision and security of our clients.

You can see more photos of the event on our official Facebook page. We are ready to apply what has been learned in the top online stores we work at in Stenik. Don't waste time, contact us now!

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