Stenik and Partnership for intelligent and personalized solutions for online merchants


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Stenik and Partnership for intelligent and personalized solutions for online merchants

At Stenik, we create and develop complex eCommerce projects for our clients, incorporating innovative and effective solutions that cater to the growing consumer needs and preferences, as well as market requirements and specificities. As a trusted technology partner and a company committed to innovation, we strive to provide added value and a competitive edge for Bulgarian online merchants. Over the years, we have successfully partnered with other organizations in the industry, offering services that complement the capabilities of our clients. One of the companies we expanded our partnership network with in 2021 is

About is a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, specializing in personalizing the online user experience. The company offers a marketing AI platform to assist online merchants, helping them achieve better personalization and data analysis, thereby enhancing their efficiency and competitiveness.

Artificial intelligence (AI) finds broad applications in various sectors and plays a significant role in customer service, online commerce, and digital marketing. At Stenik, we keenly follow the latest trends and opportunities that AI offers. One of the innovative marketing platforms utilizing AI is Releva. It leverages its ability to learn from user habits, allowing merchants to personalize their marketing efforts and reach the relevant audience with the right messages. In the following lines, we will explore how this innovation can transform commercial endeavors in the digital world into more successful and effective ones.

Integration with Magento

To provide an easier and more convenient way to integrate their solution into online stores developed by Stenik, Releva has undertaken to develop a custom module that seamlessly integrates with the Magento platform. The Stenik team works closely with Releva, sharing valuable know-how and in-depth knowledge of the eCommerce platform. This process has led to the successful development of a module that ensures intuitiveness, reliability, and full compliance with best practices. The Magento extension can be personalized and upgraded according to the specific business needs of online merchants.

What are the benefits of the partnership between Stenik and for online merchants?

  1. Better personalization of customer experience: One of the key advantages of partnering with Stenik and using's AI platform is the ability to personalize the user journey. This allows online merchants to provide personalized experiences to their customers, combining expertise in online store development with's high-tech AI platform.

  2. Higher conversion and increased revenue: Analyzing data on customer behavior and preferences enables online merchants to offer more relevant products. This is achieved through automated product recommendations, similarities with other products, personalized promotions, and special offers that match each individual's preferences. Such a marketing strategy stimulates purchases and increases revenue.

  3. AI marketing automation: Effective and personalized multi-channel marketing communication. Merchants have the option to use various communication channels to strengthen the connection between the online store and its customers. This includes personalized emails, web push notifications, targeted SMS messages, and integration with mobile applications like Viber and others.
  4. Understanding customer preferences: By using artificial intelligence technology and data analysis, merchants can obtain valuable information about their customers' preferences - products, brands, colors, styles, and other aspects that influence their purchasing decisions. With this information, merchants can better adapt their products and marketing strategies to meet the needs and desires of customers.

  5. Segmentation: The platform allows for automatic grouping of users into target segments. This advantage enables micro-segmentation and orchestration based on each measurable performance indicator that is being tracked. This way, merchants can expand their retargeting campaigns on their preferred ad networks.

  6. Analysis of achieved results: The ability to track every component of the funnel - impressions, clicks, conversions, audience utilization, consent management, number of purchases, and revenues.

Successful synergy between partners

The partnership between Stenik and combines the knowledge and experience of both companies, helping online merchants become competitive players in the market through intelligent and personalized solutions. By integrating into the online stores developed by Stenik, merchants gain access to a range of useful additional marketing features that can transform the way they interact with their customers. Our common goal is to enhance the potential of online merchants to thrive and succeed in the digital environment. Some of Stenik's clients have already trusted the innovative solutions provided by and have been satisfied with the results. We expect this list to grow in the future, given the possibilities that the AI platform offers.

In conclusion

In today's digital world, where competition is increasingly fierce, online merchants are seeking innovative solutions to improve customer experience and trust. Our mission is to develop opportunities for current and future online merchants, supporting their growth. Over the past 19 years, we have actively worked to meet the diverse needs of our customers, investing resources in expanding their capabilities. We believe that by joining forces, knowledge, and experience, we will be a powerful driver for eCommerce in Bulgaria.

Do you have any questions?

Our support department and your personal Project Manager are available to provide guidance and discuss opportunities for upgrading and improving your online store and integrating the solutions offered by Feel free to contact Stenik right away.

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